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Cloud Migration

Deploy to multiple targets across clouds without sacrificing reliability and speed.

Why use Armory Cloud Migrations?

Armory abstracts the complexities of delivering software to multiple cloud deployment targets so you can focus on innovation rather than rebuilding your developer and business deployment workflows and infrastructure.

Streamline Business Processes

Eliminate complex process rebuilds when transitioning from bare metal to diverse cloud deployment targets — freeing massive DevOps resources and accelerating time-to-market.

Multiple Clouds, One Tool

Purpose built for complex multi-cloud deployments including Kubernetes, Armory simplifies migrations from on-premises to multiple targets across clouds and hybrid environments.

Compliance & Security Policies

Establish compliance and security policies that scale as your business does without becoming a bottleneck to innovation.

Graphic of deploying from many developers to many platforms

Multiple Cloud & Hybrid Deployment Targets - Deploy your workloads to multiple cloud targets across GCP, GKE, Azure, PCF, Kubernetes (on-prem or cloud), AWS EC2, ECS, EKS, Lambda, Oracle's BMC, OpenStack & more.

Reliable Deployment Pipelines at Scale - Replace brittle, error-prone, scripted paths to production with a cloud-native platform battle-tested by Netflix & Google.

Standardized Workflows for the Cloud - Standardize deployment workflows across application teams, via a golden path to production with flexible guardrails.

Holistic View of Your Deployments - View and manage your cloud infrastructure across multiple targets and clouds, in a single pane of glass.