Cloud & Kubernetes Migrations, Simplified

Shifting workloads, from anywhere to everywhere, has never been easier.

Remove the roadblocks keeping your workloads stuck in one place.

Nearly every Global 2000 company is attempting to transition workloads to the cloud and adopt Kubernetes. Some are looking to add multiple cloud providers, or switch to a different vendor. But they are finding this easier said than done, as the brittle, scripted paths to production that they have built for deployment need to be rebuilt from scratch – the Ops equivalent of open heart surgery. Even shifting workloads within a single cloud provider (e.g., from EC2 to EKS) becomes a nightmare.

Armory abstracts away the complexities of deployment targets, so that you can use one single, flexible pipeline to deliver all of your workloads to any on-prem or cloud target. We’ve helped our customers turn stalled cloud and Kubernetes migrations into highly successful projects.

Key Armory Features

Target-agnostic Deployments

Purpose-built for target-agnostic deployments, Armory makes it as simple as clicking a button to deploy software to the target(s) of your choice.

Streamline Business Processes

Eliminate complex process rebuilds when transitioning to diverse cloud deployment targets — freeing massive DevOps resources and accelerating time to market.

Simplified Tooling

Keep your developers focused on delivering innovation instead of maintaining complex custom tooling and glue code.

Uniform Compliance and Security Policies

Easily establish automated, uniform compliance and security policies that apply across targets without becoming a bottleneck to innovation.

Standardized Workflows for the Cloud

Standardize deployment workflows across application teams, via a golden path to production with flexible guardrails.

Holistic View of Your Deployments

View and manage your cloud and on-prem infrastructure across multiple targets and clouds, with a single pane of glass.

Broad and Growing List of Supported Cloud and On-Prem Targets

Deploy your workloads to multiple cloud targets across all of the major cloud providers, as well as on-prem data centers running Kubernetes or other platforms. The clouddrivers that connect Spinnaker to each cloud target are maintained by the cloud vendors themselves as well as the rest of the open source community, ensuring tightly coupled and up-to-date integrations.

Collaborate from Code to Cloud with Armory