Scale Your Business Efficiently with Declarative Continuous Deployment 

Commit your code with end-to-end visibility and the

outcome you want, and watch your business grow.

Accelerate your innovation and time-to-market, increase stability, and decrease customer-impacting issues with Armory. Improve your developers’ experience and empower your teams to confidently deploy on commit, every time. Through reliable, secure and repeatable deployments, changes can be safely implemented in production without complex custom tooling and manual processes.



Multi-cluster orchestration that will scale your people, process and business efficiently.



Declarative deployment that’s

the simple and modern approach to improving your developer productivity.



 Blue/Green and Canary deployment with automated impact analysis and rollbacks that improve your stability.

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Armory’s declarative Continuous Deployment makes the process easy to understand, achievable, and effortless at any scale. Empower your developers to continuously improve and assure your customers’ experience through scalable, safe, reliable, secure, and dynamic continuous deployment. Read more about working with Armory and declarative continuous deployment in our informational summary including: 

  • Accelerating your innovation and time-to-market, increasing stability, and decreasing customer issues 
  • Improving your developer experience by automating and orchestrating deployments across all environments 
  • Ensuring verification of resources deployed at runtime without interrupting your continuous deployment process 
  • Scaling your people and process by optimizing onboarding, and configurations, and reducing time spent on maintenance

Armory empowers developers to continuously improve and assure their customers’ experience through scalable, safe, reliable, secure, and continuous software deployments.

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