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• Solutions Architecture

• Spinnaker Implementation

• Spinnaker Feature Development

• Spinnaker Training & Armory Certification


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Whether you're evaluating open source Spinnaker, or Armory's enterprise edition, our experts can help you get up and running successfully on a professional services basis.

Solutions Architecture

Armory will guide and assist you in performing a review and audit of your existing services to determine a level of effort and strategy for onboarding your services onto Spinnaker.

Spinnaker Implementation

Armory's expert DevOps professionals can embed with your teams to assist in installing and operationalizing open source Spinnaker or Armory's enterprise edition. We provide expert implementations for your cloud or data center (including air gapped) environments.

Spinnaker Feature Development

Armory's engineers will develop and integrate features into your Spinnaker installation to make it compatible with your business and technical requirements.

Training & Certification

Armory provides comprehensive, private training and certification for administrators and users of open source Spinnaker as well as Armory's enterprise edition. Our courses are broken down into 3 tracks.

Spinnaker 100 Tracks: Using Spinnaker

Spinnaker 101: Fundamentals

Onsite, Private instructor led
Duration: 2 days
PreReqs: None

  • Spinnaker Concepts Overview
  • Understanding Spinnaker best-practices
  • Building end-to-end pipelines
  • Hands-on labs

Spinnaker 102: Enabling Advanced Features

Onsite, Private instructor led
Duration: 2 days
PreReqs: Spinnaker 101

  • Advanced pipeline & stage design
  • Automated Canary Analysis using Kayenta
  • Automated Rollbacks
  • Using Pipelines as Code
  • Role-based Access Controls
  • Secrets Management

Spinnaker 200 Tracks: Managing Spinnaker

Spinnaker 201: Productionizing Spinnaker

Onsite, Private instructor led
Duration: 2 days
PreReqs: Spinnaker 101

  • Managing Halyard
  • High Availability & Disaster recovery
  • Integrating Spinnaker with other systems
  • Troubleshooting Deep Dive
  • Security & Compliance

Spinnaker 300 Tracks: Contibuting to Spinnaker

Spinnaker 301: Contributing to Spinnaker

Onsite, Private instructor led
Duration: 2 days
PreReqs: Spinnaker 101, 201

  • Understanding & participating in the governance model
  • Building a development environment
  • Best-practices for contributions
“With Armory's Platform we've reduced years of accumulated tech debt, enabling us to deploy 10x faster and to significantly reduce infrastructure and operational costs.”
Brandon Leach, Sr. Engineering Manager, Lookout
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“Armory's Platform enables intuitive deploys that reflect and enforce best practices, with full automation when we want it, and a human hand when we need it.”
Avram Lyon, Director of Engineering, Scopely
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“With the help of Armory we migrated to Kubernetes on Google Cloud cutting our bills by 50%”
Richard Genthner, Lead DevOps Engineer, MakerBot
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