Scale Agent for Spinnaker & Kubernetes

Secure, simplify, and scale your Kubernetes deployments with any Spinnaker instance.

Securely and dynamically manage all of your Kubernetes deployments with ease.

Armory Scale Agent for Spinnaker & Kubernetes is a lightweight, real-time agent that scales deployment execution operations from your Spinnaker instance to all of your Kubernetes clusters.

Scale deployments to limitless Kubernetes clusters and namespaces with minimal latency, and accelerate pipeline execution times.

Increase Scalablity

The decentralized and optimized caching model eliminates latency issues while managing each Kubernetes cluster from within. This means independence for each cluster and eliminates the need to update configuration files and redeploy all of your Spinnaker services.

Avoid having multiple people waiting hours to deploy new Kubernetes targets; just to experience downtime. Detect and stream changes in real-time to improve your performance, scalability, and stability — avoiding downtime altogether.

Enhance Security

As your Kubernetes adoption grows, so does the latency, and and the overhead of managing the growing number of accounts, configurations, and credentials. That’s one of the reasons Armory’s Scale Agent uses decentralized and dynamic account management: to enhance security and empower individual teams to manage permissions for their specific clusters.

Decouple Kubernetes service accounts from applications; keeping your K8s API servers private from your Spinnaker instance and isolated from any potential security issues. You can also integrate with secret stores like HashiCorp Vault to maintain existing processes and security protocols.

Improve Usability

Empower your users and their teams by enabling account management at the team level as well as the ability to add new accounts, on the fly, without restarting your Spinnaker services.

A developer-first experience with the use of YAML, HELM, or a Kustomize template to inject Armory’s Scale Agent into newly provisioned Kubernetes clusters; immediately making the clusters software deployment targets. It’s as easy as that!



Everything you need to secure, simplify, and scale your Kubernetes deployments with any Spinnaker instance.


Unlimited Users

Unlimited Deployments

Unlimited Services (Applications)

Up to Unlimited Namespaces

Enterprise Support Included

Up to Unlimited Namespaces
per Month Paid Annually

Features Enterprise
Users Unlimited
Services (Applications) Unlimited
Deployments Unlimited
Application Targets Up to Unlimited
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Cloud Providers and Target Services  
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Amazon Kubernetes Service (EKS) Pricing Check icon
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Reduce Administration Complexity  
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Installation, Configuration and Upgrade Automation (Operator) Pricing Check icon
Deployment Expertise  
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Commit. Deploy. Repeat.

Secure, simplify, and scale your Kubernetes deployments with

any Spinnaker instance.