Progressive Deployment Strategies

Iterate faster and control the progression of your deployment to assure your customers’ experience.

Automate Canary Deployments
and Canary Analysis

Improve stability and avoid service outages by continuously verifying changes as they are deployed, not only in production.

Canary deployments are progressive deployments that gradually increase traffic to users as baseline performance metrics are analyzed. If the performance is outside the acceptable range a rollback is initiated, either manually or automatically.

With Armory, you can run fine-grained canary deployments on multiple services in lock-step and roll them back together. Route the right amount of your traffic to new application versions, regardless of application pod count, so you decrease any impact to your customer experience.

“Armory became a true expert partner for us in our adoption of Continuous Deployment. Including maximizing performance, establishing a DevOps team culture and scaling our engineering organization.”

Antonio Bertucci, Engineering Manager, Glovo

Run Blue/Green Deployments

Reduce downtime and risk by running two versions of your application in parallel, and controlling traffic between them.

Blue/Green deployments are a progressive deployment strategy that creates two identical sets of infrastructure. The blue environment is the current production, the green environment is for new features. When green has been validated, the traffic from blue is shifted over, leaving the blue environment unchanged.

This approach enables you to assure your customers’ experience by quickly switching back to the original version if any issues are noted with the newer version.

Automate canary deployments and canary analysis or run blue/green deployments to assure your customers’ experience with no downtime.

Assure Your Customers’
Experience with No Downtime

Save time and money, and lower your Mean Time to Recover, while promoting engaging new features to larger audiences faster.

Automatically execute a rollback to the last known working version and quickly recover from a service outage.

Build confidence into your developers’ experience by continuously deploying and validating your changes while minimizing the blast radius of a bad change so you protect your customers’ experience.

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