Multi-tenant Access Control

Empower your developers to deploy on commit while enabling an environment of collaboration, without breaking things.

Strengthen Security with
Centralized Management

Minimize any risk of accidental changes by restricting deployment to each application’s environment and the specified team.

Armory Continuous Deployment enables you to create a tenant for each one of your development teams. This allows you to isolate their deployments, data, and process to just them. It’s like they have Armory CD all to their own. All while you can continue to manage roles and access centrally, from the main organization.

“We spend significantly less time managing Armory than we did the old system. We’re much more efficient and effective now.”

Maleko Taylor

Maleko Taylor, Senior DevOps Engineer, LaunchDarkly

Reduce Administration

More automation and dynamic configuration means less downtime, and more time to focus on the high value tasks throughout your day.

Deploy your application through the orchestration of dev, staging, and production stages – or what ever stages you need – that are validated against your constraints. Constraints like approvals, security scanners passing, and one environment finishing before the next starts. All without causing breaking changes to the work created by others.

Simply leverage SSO and your current security and compliance processes to automatically add users.

Strengthen security with centralized management, reduce administration complexity and empower your teams to accelerate innovation.

Empower Your Teams
and Accelerate Innovation

Each team can have their own priority and slightly different process, and that’s ok when they have a collective goal in mind to grow the company and ensure and improve the customers’ experience.

With Armory’s multi-tenant access all of your developers, regardless of which team they are on, are empowered with all the context of the deployment they care about, before and after they commit their code – using a declarative configuration file stored in your Git repo and using Armory’s UI or simple yet powerful CLI.

This provides them with the confidence to collaborate efficiently and deploy on commit to accelerate innovation and time-to-market.

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Commit. Deploy. Repeat.

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