Integrations & Extensibility

Bring your own stack. Armory plugs into any SDLC, easily and seamlessly.

Deploy on Commit with

Continuous Deployment should be achievable by all developers. With Armory, it is. Keep using the SDLC you have today, there’s no need to migrate from any existing tools, just plug Armory in using the Armory CLI.

Progress to fully automated deployments, even if you don’t have certain aspects automated, like some tests that need to be run. Use Armory’s declarative constraints to add a manual approval so you can run the manual portion of your process, approve and watch the deployment carry on to completion

Once you’re ready, enable full automation that reduces lead time for changes by setting up the Armory GitHub Action to deploy on commit.

“The main benefit we’ve realized in adopting Armory is that we have converged on a simpler model of CI/CD which enables us to do more, so it’s easier, it’s simpler, and we have more functionality.”

Christopher Baldwin, Chief Architect, Upwave

Bring Your Own Stack

From Version Control System to Continuous Integration to Observability, Armory’s CLI or Webhooks will integrate with any system in your SDLC, so you can leverage your existing automation from within your deployment and only deploy if all automation passes.

Baseline your performance metrics from your observability tools and use Automated Canary Analysis to analyze the baseline with the change, in any environment not just production.

Setup a GitHub Action or trigger your deployment from your favorite CI tool, like CircleCI or Jenkins, so your CI process and your CD process is automated.

Bring your own stack, deploy on commit with confidence and focus on your competitive advantage, not on CD tooling.

Focus On Your Competitive
Advantage, Not Tooling

You’ve invested time and money into your observability strategy, so keep it rolling and use the data to automate verification and impact analysis using a progressive Canary deployment strategy with Automated Canary Analysis, at any environment.

You’ve invested time and money into your Continuous Integration strategy, so keep it rolling and trigger Armory to orchestrate and automate your deployment.

Bottom line, Armory makes Continuous Deployment safe, secure, reliable, and easy, so you can focus on your competitive advantage and not maintaining underlying infrastructure and tooling.

Resources and FAQ

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Commit. Deploy. Repeat.

Focus  on  writing  great  code,  not  deploying  it!