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Certified Pipelines

Automate & enforce load testing, integration testing, security scanning, and canaries.

What It Does

Accelerate deployment velocity safely by automating and enforcing processes that validate a safe deployment such as load testing, integration testing, security scanning, and canaries.

Define & Enforce Policies

What are all of the things that constitute a safe deployment inside your company? Define these steps in a "certified pipeline" to enforce that all deployments follow these standards. These CD-approved deployment pipelines allow application teams to deploy to production with zero to minimal manual review.

Codify Best Practices

Reduce the cost of implementing deployment best practices like load testing, integration tests, security scanning, and canaries through native integrations with the tools you already use (or want to be using).

Accelerate Velocity

Avoid or minimize the need for manual Change Control Review Board (CCRB) approval processes by providing application teams with Certified Pipelines for their use.

How It Works

Certified Pipelines help you deploy more safely.

You can eliminate or minimize Change Control Review Board (CCRB) meetings by implementing Certified Pipelines, which contain these features:

  • A special type of deployment pipeline in Spinnaker that complies with pre-defined policies, set by an administrator.
  • These pipelines would be certified as "CD Approved," meaning deployments to applications using these certified pipelines do not need to be reviewed by a company's Change Control Review Board. This drastically speeds up application teams' ability to deploy changes to their applications.
  • Administrators can pre-define policies in an administrative view.
  • If an application developer modifies the pipeline, it falls out of certification, and deployments can be blocked for CCRB review.
  • Modified pipelines can also kick off a notice to the administrator, who can then re-certify the pipeline as "CD Approved" after a manual review.

In the example below the admin user requires these five stages to exist. To apply this policy to an application, just select the app from the policy's app dropdown menu. You can optionally apply multiple policies to the same application.

Here is an example of a pipeline in Spinnaker that has been certified by a policy named "CD Approved". Because it complies with the policy, this pipeline gets a "CD Approved" badge. And if one of the required stages is deleted, the pipeline will be blocked from deploying to production.

“With Armory's Platform we've reduced years of accumulated tech debt, enabling us to deploy 10x faster and to significantly reduce infrastructure and operational costs.”
Brandon Leach, Sr. Engineering Manager, Lookout
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“Armory's Platform enables intuitive deploys that reflect and enforce best practices, with full automation when we want it, and a human hand when we need it.”
Avram Lyon, Director of Engineering, Scopely
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Richard Genthner, Lead DevOps Engineer, MakerBot
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