Continuous Deployment at Any Scale, for All Developers

Your software is your competitive advantage, and your customer experience is everything. Armory Continuous Deployment solutions empower you and your teams to confidently deploy every application, every time; safely and securely, so you can accelerate your time-to-market, increase stability, and decrease customer-impacting issues.

“Our engineers now know immediately if the release, deployment, or feature is successful, which gives them greater autonomy. We’ve gained deeper confidence in peak weekend production deployments and reduced our former holiday ban on mergers or commits to main from three weeks to two days.”

Haroon Rasheed, Engineering Manager, Glovo

Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service

Declarative Deployments

Focus on building great code, not deploying it. Declarative deployments across all your environments with the GitOps experience you love.

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Continuous Deployment Managed

Your Cloud, Our Experts

Your software is your competitive advantage. Focus on improving your developers’ software delivery experience and let Armory Site Reliability Engineers take care of the rest.

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Continuous Deployment Self-Hosted

Powerful, Flexible, and Secure Pipelines

Increase reliability and avoid service outages. Automatically deploy, verify, and roll back, across multiple environments, with powerful, flexible, and secure pipelines.

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Scale Agent for Spinnaker & Kubernetes

A Powerful Add-on for Spinnaker

Secure, simplify, and scale your Kubernetes deployments with any Spinnaker instance.

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Open Source Spinnaker Support

Expert Support for Spinnaker

Armory’s expertise is Spinnaker and Continuous Deployment. Let us help you with your Spinnaker environment so you can focus on your expertise.

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Professional Services

Deployment Experts

Let Armory’s experts help you achieve continuous deployment, with a plan tailored to you and your business needs.

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Commit. Deploy. Repeat.

Continuous Deployment at any scale, for all developers.