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Armory & Red Hat Partnership

Deploy applications faster on Red Hat OpenShift with Armory and Spinnaker.

Spinnaker Armory OpenShift

About the Partnership

Armory recently joined Red Hat Partner Connect as a Technology Partner in addition to becoming a member of OpenShift Commons. More than 2,000 Enterprises across the globe adopt Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to power business applications.

Red Hat Technology Partner

Technology Partner

Armory is a Red Hat Technology Partner. We have built an enterprise version of Spinnaker, the world’s most powerful continuous delivery (“CD”) platform created and open-sourced by Netflix and Google. Armory’s scalable, flexible, and secure platform automates software delivery, enabling software teams to ship software with speed and resilience. Spinnaker acts as a workflow engine, combining Build, Provision, and Deploy into automated pipelines that deploy your workloads (containers, packages, AMIs) to your cloud(s), including Red Hat OpenShift.

Automate and optimize the creation, configuration, and management of Kubernetes-native applications with certified operators. Enable CI/CD and DevOps and reduce complexity in your customers’ environments.

Red Hat Certified Technology

The Armory Operator is a Red Hat Certified Technology. The Armory Operator and Spinnaker container images have been updated by Armory now run with Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) for exclusive use on top of OpenShift.

Collaborate from Code to Cloud with Armory