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Building our Culture Together

Guardrails not gates. Context over control.

Armory Tribe

Our Culture Is Our Operating System

At Armory, we have been very intentional in the development of our culture from Day 1. A company’s culture is like an operating system – just as an operating system supports the critical functions of a computer, a cultural operating system supports the critical functions of a company. Culture is a foundational, bedrock element that influences everything else within a company – how we learn together, come together, work together, make decisions together, respond in difficult situations, and show up for each other.

Armory Is a Tribe

At Armory, we call individuals “tribals” instead of “employees.” This is because we view Armory as a tribe. A tribe is more than a team – it is an organizing set of principles and cultural values. Members of a tribe support each other as a community with a common purpose, moving mountains for each other and for our shared goal. When you join Armory, you (and your loved ones) also join our tribe.

Read the Tribal Handbook

Armory Has a Roundabout Culture

Most companies have a command-and-control, “stoplight” culture. Traffic lights operate on a rigid system of rules and signals dictated by a central authority. It is assumed that people need to be strictly coordinated, and cannot be trusted to use their best judgment. In contrast, Armory has a roundabout culture. With roundabouts, trust is implicit. It is presumed that drivers will pay attention, and will exercise good judgement about who has the right-of-way, when it is safe to drive forward, and how their actions will impact those around them.



In Armory’s roundabout culture, we promote empowerment, trust, experimentation, and access to information. At Armory, control is pushed out to the edges of the organization instead of centralized. By default, Armory tribals are trusted and empowered to exercise judgment and make the right decisions.

In our tribe, “I think we should do ‘x,’” is typically followed by, “Sounds good, I trust you. Let me know how I can help.”

With a strong culture of trust and transparency, we don’t need as many rules. We can move faster and with more flexibility, enabling us to iterate, experiment, grow, and scale. Our culture is tied to the cultural values implicit in Spinnaker – developers are empowered to iterate and deploy their own code, with guardrails to provide safety at the edges.


Armory’s Culture Is Open Source

Like Spinnaker, our culture is open source – we learn from the culture of the vibrant, diverse Spinnaker community, and in turn we actively contribute back our cultural learnings. We believe that by living our values, we can build them into a software platform that helps the entire world innovate faster.

Much like our approach to our product, we constantly experiment, iterate, and evolve our cultural operating system, with contributions from every single member of the tribe and the broader Spinnaker community. Join us, and help build something special!