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The Power of an Open Source Platform

We built Armory on top of Spinnaker because we believe that standardizing on an open source platform for software delivery is the only way to keep up with today’s pace of technological innovation. Proprietary solutions simply can’t compete.

Leverage a Massive & Growing Community

When you use an open source tool, you are plugging in to a global community of developers and their collective knowledge, expertise, and experience. Their goal is to create the best possible software solution to their problems, not to lock you in to a particular vendor.

Spinnaker, for example, has an active community of 8,000+ members, bringing to bear their real-world experience as users of the platform to continuously improve Spinnaker. This pace of innovation simply isn’t possible for an individual company to compete with.

Multicloud and the Fragmenting of Infrastructure

Getting code into production used to mean pushing it out to your data center. Today, workloads are shifting to the cloud, and each cloud provider has its own sets of services.

Only an open source platform with a large community can possibly keep pace with the rate of fragmentation of cloud infrastructure. With Spinnaker, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Pivotal, Oracle, Alibaba, and others each build and maintain the clouddrivers to their services (with support from the rest of the OSS community).

Control Your Delivery Platform

Your software delivery platform is one of the most crucial pieces of your development process. If you need new features or functionality but are reliant on proprietary software, you have to submit a request to your vendor and cross your fingers hoping they will build it. If they ever go out of business, you are in deep trouble.

With an open source platform like Spinnaker, you can always build the features you need, and can contribute them back to the community to advance the pace of innovation.

Attract Better Engineering Talent

Excellent engineering talent is scarce. Top engineers want the opportunity to use open source software and to contribute to open source technology.

Offering your team the ability to use and improve on open source tools as part of their job makes your company more attractive for top-quality engineers.

Collaborate from Code to Cloud with Armory