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Armory Integrations

Integrate Serf with Armory Spinnaker

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Spinnaker Integration with Serf

Serf Node Discovery and Orchestration with Armory Spinnaker

How the Integration Works:

  • Group Membership: Spinnaker can use Serf to determine which nodes should be considered as a single cohort.
  • Failure Detection: While rolling out a new deployment, Serf can be used to help Spinnaker understand the viability of hosts. After a deploy, failure detection can be used to recommend a rollback.
  • Event Broadcasts: Events from Serf can be fed into Spinnaker. This can be used to trigger a variety of behaviors. Once a trigger is ingested by Spinnaker, a pipeline defined specifically to handle that type of event will start to execute.

Integration Benefits:

Automate Software Delivery

Today, most engineering organizations manage their application deployments, K/V store updates and service discovery using different tools, or in the worst case, manually. Spinnaker provides a single pane of glass to manage all of your software delivery in a repeatable and automated process.

Reducing Architecture Complexity

By combining client and service side service discovery with Spinnaker and Serf it reduces your overall service discovery footprint reducing engineering overhead and mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) when errors occur

Ship Faster With Confidence

Spinnaker provides safety and reliability out of the box. Using Spinnaker’s sophisticated deployment methodologies to all of your software delivery gives you the extra confidence you need to deploy faster.

Current State

This feature currently exists as an Armory experiment in the form of a Run Job or webhook stage. Our Professional Services Team is happy to help customers implement the solution.

If you're interested in a native integration, contact us! We'd love to hear your feedback and use case.