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Armory Integrations

Integrate Sumo Logic with Armory Spinnaker

Questions about Integrations?

Spinnaker Integration with Sumo Logic

Use Sumo Logic’s log management and dashboarding tools in concert with Spinnaker’s cloud-native, multicloud continuous delivery platform to gain unparalleled insight into your software delivery process — across all deployment environments.

How the Integration Works:

Sumo Logic collects the data exhaust from your Spinnaker instance and exposes the data through convenient dashboards. Data collected include:

  • The number of active pipelines, apps, clusters, and users
  • Pipeline execution history, by stage, on a per-app basis
  • Successful and failed deployments, manual judgments, rollbacks, and canary analyses

Integration Benefits:

Powerful Dashboarding & Alerting

Dynamic dashboards for at-a-glance visibility into the health and status of your application pipelines, as well as monitoring and alerting to proactively elevate issues and provide insights for troubleshooting and root cause analysis.

DevOps Insights

Visualization and trend analysis highlight critical insights to understand your software delivery process, identify bottlenecks and direct resources to the teams and individuals that need them the most.

Check out the documentation on the integration here.