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Armory Integrations

Integrate Gitlab with Armory Spinnaker

Questions about Integrations?

Spinnaker Integration with Gitlab

Gitlab is the leading competitor to Github, but what sets it apart is its built-in CI platform, Gitlab CI. Gitlab directly integrates CI with its source code repository, creating a seamless development experience that enables users to easily automate their development tasks.

How the Integration Works:

  • Spinnaker’s pipelines can be triggered as the last step in a Gitlab pipeline. This allows a seamless transition from CI to CD for a complete process from code checkin to production deployment.
  • Organizations can take advantage of being able to trigger Gitlab pipelines from a Spinnaker stage, in order to reuse existing logic in Gitlab for a seamless integration.
  • The Kubernetes provider in Spinnaker allows the direct application of manifest files by having Spinnaker pick them up directly from Gitlab.

Cloud Deployments

By using Spinnaker’s integration with Gitlab, teams can deploy directly to a broad variety of cloud providers.

Monitor Deployment Infrastructure

See exactly which version of the built code is running in each environment, together with a clear view of which nodes/containers are running or are down.

Current State

This feature currently exists as an Armory experiment in the form of a Run Job or webhook stage. Our Professional Services Team is happy to help customers implement the solution.

If you're interested in a native integration, contact us! We'd love to hear your feedback and use case.