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Armory Integrations

Integrate Azure Pipelines with Armory Spinnaker

Questions about Integrations?

Spinnaker Integration with Azure Pipelines

Azure DevOps is a CI/CD platform that allows teams to host, build and deploy their projects. You can integrate with Spinnaker to use the artifacts generated by Azure DevOps and trigger the pipelines on Spinnaker, taking advantage of the strength of both tools in your CI/CD process.

How the Integration Works:

Spinnaker integrates with Azure DevOps by allowing engineers to directly trigger deployment pipelines when Azure DevOps Builds are finished running. Once the build is finished, Spinnaker will grab any artifacts and inject them into the pipeline. If your build includes test coverage reports, Spinnaker will pull those in directly.

Integration Benefits:

  • Pulls in test coverage reports if the pipeline is triggered by the build
  • Integrates with DevOps artifacts
  • Spinnaker's broad range of integrations with cloud providers enable Azure DevOps builds to be moved to the cloud easily.