Armory Integrations

Make the other services you already use more valuable.

How It Works

Open-source Spinnaker was built from the ground up to be a pluggable collection of distinct microservices, helping future-proof it as you integrate more of your existing developer tools into Spinnaker's hub.

Armory is taking this approach one step further by making your existing tools actionable, through Spinnaker. We’re building specific integrations that allow the services you’re already using to direct Spinnaker’s deployment workflow actions in an automated, safe and intelligent manner.

Kayenta + Datadog (or other APM) Integration

Kayenta is the open-source, automated canary analysis platform that codifies 5+ years of learnings from Netflix & Google on how to effectively canary deployments in global, high traffic environments. Kayenta works seamlessly with Spinnaker, which powers the Core of Armory's platform.

Armory helps you leverage Application Performance Monitoring systems to automate your canary deployments. Current & planned integrations include:

  • Datadog
  • New Relic
  • Sensu
  • SignalFX
  • Splunk
  • SumoLogic
  • InfluxDB
  • Wavefront
  • Panopta
  • Circonus

JIRA Integration

If you’re already using JIRA in your software development lifecycle, why not more tightly couple it with your deployment workflows? Imagine being able to easily drop a JIRA stage into your deployment pipelines to create or update JIRA tickets automatically, including appending information like:

  • The user that kicked off the deployment pipeline
  • The Git commit hash, and other relevant information from the pipeline

Automated Load Testing

Armory’s load testing stage currently supports, a simple, open-source load testing utility (we'll be adding support for other tools shortly). To add a Locust Load Testing stage, simply select "Locust Load Test" from the stages dropdown menu in your pipeline configuration view.

We have plans to add support for Gatling and Jmeter. Let us know below if there are other load testing tools you'd like to see us add support for.

AWS Integration

Armory's Platform, powered by Spinnaker, has the ability to dynamically create resources like ELBs, Security Groups, Lambda functions, and S3 assets.

Use Case 1: Testing a Feature Branch

  1. Engineer works on a new feature in a feature branch.
  2. Engineer wants to test the feature in a new environment or stack. (A stack is a name given to an independent set of components).
  3. Engineer kicks off a Spinnaker pipeline that stands up a new environment dynamically (ELBs, Security Groups, and EC2 instances) and runs integration tests against the new feature.
  4. Once the feature has been validated on this new stack, the Engineer issues PR to merge code into master or release branch.

The output of each step in the above workflow becomes an input to the next stage, so you can dynamically create stacks. The value of this workflow is that you gain confidence that a feature has been tested before merging into a common branch. Otherwise the branch could maintain a feature that has critical errors blocking progression of the code to production.

Use Case 2: Adding Automation to your Pipelines

If you are standing up an environment in one of your existing Spinnaker pipelines, you still need a way to create static resources, so you are either doing them manually, or automating them with a script or Jenkins job. By using the new ELB stage in Spinnaker, there is now first class support for creating them dynamically.


We're actively working on additional integrations to Armory's Platform. If there's a specific integration you'd like to see added please contact us with details!

  1. Security Groups
  2. Lambda Functions
  3. S3
  4. RDS
  5. Cloud Formation

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