Spinnaker at Enterprise Scale

Install in your environment.

Deploy to multiple clouds.

Install Armory   or have our Professional Services team do it for you.

Supported Install and Deployment Targets:

  • Your Kubernetes cluster running in your public cloud account
  • Your Kubernetes cluster running in your data center
  • Other install targets available via our Professional Services team

Deployment Targets supported by Armory

  • Kubernetes: Supported by Armory on AWS & GCP, and data centers on a case-by-case basis
  • Amazon Web Services: EC2
  • Other deployment targets available via our Professional Services team

Deployment Targets Supported by the Open Source Community

  • AWS ECS: Community support
  • Azure: Support by Microsoft
  • Oracle Cloud: Support by Oracle
  • PCF: Support by Pivotal
  • OpenStack: Community support
  • DC/OS: Limited community support

With Armory's Software Delivery Platform, powered by Spinnaker, you can:

Deploy workloads to optimal targets across datacenters and clouds, without impacting developer & business deployment workflows
• Replace brittle, error-prone, scripted paths to production with a cloud-native platform battle-tested by Netflix & Google
• Standardize deployment workflows across application teams, via a golden path to production with flexible guardrails
• View and manage your cloud infrastructure across multiple targets and clouds, in a single pane of glass
• Deliver software orders of magnitude faster, without firedrills, downtime and outages

Armory optimizes every part of your software development lifecycle (SDLC), enabling sophisticated multi-cloud deployment strategies that leverage advanced features like: 1-click rollbacks, automated canaries, pipelines as code, automated load testing, SLA-driven rollouts/rollbacks, blue/green deployments, chaos engineering and 1-click app creation.

Installing Armory in your Kubernetes cluster enables you to deploy your workloads to multiple cloud targets across GCP, GKE, Azure, PCF, Kubernetes (on-prem or cloud), AWS' EC2, ECS, EKS, Lambda, Oracle's BMC, OpenStack & more.

Running & Supporting Spinnaker

Your team should be focused on creating unique, proprietary value for your business. Get the benefits of Spinnaker from our Platform, not the distractions.

Armory's enterprise distribution of Spinnaker powers the Core of Armory's Platform. Features include:

Dinghy™, Armory's Pipelines as Code Solution

Develop Your Pipelines Just Like Your Applications: In Code.

Consistent Pipelines

Define application deployment pipelines through code with Dinghy, instead of configuring a running Spinnaker instance via the user interface.

Even better, you can use ArmoryCLI™ to interface with Dinghy.

The Benefits of Source Control

Defining pipelines as code in your source control system is key to managing pipeline changes and driving efficiency via pipeline modules reused across applications and teams, and for enforcing deployment policies across your organization.

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Unlock Actionable Data to Increase Quality

Automate your software development lifecycle with Jira, Github, Datadog, New Relic, (and more) integrations.

Pluggable Architecture

Future-proof your increasing deployment sophistication needs by plugging existing tools you already use into Armory's Platform.

Increase The Value of Existing Tools

Armory's Platform ingests signals & output from your existing tools to make deployment decisions in an automated manner.

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Increase Safety & Security

Our Platform lets you move faster in a more automated, safer and more secure manner.

Certified Pipelines

Eliminate or minimize Change Control Review Board (CCRB) meetings

Define & Enforce Policies

Create CD-approved & certified deployment pipelines, allowing application teams to deploy to production with zero to minimal manual review.

Codify Best Practices

Reduce the cost of implementing best practices like load testing, integration tests, security scanning, and canaries through native integrations with the tools you already use.

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Actionable SLAs, with a Dashboard

Measure deployment safety with per-app SLAs out of the box.

Make Your SLAs Actionable

Use your per-app SLA to automate canaries, limit your blast radius, and improve deployment safety.

Gain Transparency

Give your team and leadership transparency into application health.

Constantly Measure and Improve

SLA metrics increase the safety of your deployments.

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Armory runs and maintains the Platform so you don't have to.

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No Installation Required

Get the benefits of Armory's Platform without the overhead of running or maintaining it.

Stays Fresh

Access the newest features the moment they are released without running upgrades.

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