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Continuous Deployment in App Development


say their organization’s top app development priority is ensuring reliable deployments.

Discover how leaders in app development are utilizing Continuous Deployment to achieve reliable and consistent deployments, improving operational confidence across their company.

Gartner Peer Insights and Armory surveyed 100 technical decision-makers to understand their organization’s current status regarding deployment reliability, levels of CI/CD adoption, and barriers to innovation.

Data collected from March 30 – May 4, 2022

Respondents: 100 IT decision makers in software, finance, and banking

Software Deployment – Pain Points and Risks for Developers


of engineering and operations leaders selected development frequency is the top success metric for deployments.

Understanding the pain points that affect developers is the first step to solving them. Improve developers’ experience and your DORA metrics by utilizing these insights to implement lasting change at your organization.

Armory and Gartner Peer Insights sampled 200 engineering and operations professionals to better understand their current approach to software deployment, testing, and metric tracking.

Data collection: April 7 – June 16, 2022

Respondents: 200 engineering and operations professionals

Enterprise Scale Deployments


of IT leaders say ensuring reliable deployment is their application development priority.

Learn about how industry leaders are deploying their code at enterprise scale to achieve the ultimate advantage: speed-to-market.

Armory and Gartner Peer Insights sampled 100 engineering and operations professionals to better understand their current efforts to achieve speed-to-market.

Data collection: April 9 – June 28, 2022

Respondents: 100 IT, engineering, and information security leaders

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