Join us at cdCon and Spinnaker Community Day
June 7th-9th

cdCon 2022


We are going to be at cdCon and Spinnaker Community Day – come join us!.


Some highlights

We have product news to share as well as many activities (hint: happy hours, fun games) planned. Let us know if you are going to be there so we can share more details.

On the stage

Stop by and join our sessions.

Keynote: Intelligent Deployments: Focus on Building Great Code Rather than Deploying It

Tuesday, June 7 • 2:20pm – 2:25pm

Join our Principal Product Manager, Stephen Atwell, and Christopher Baldwin the Chief Architect at Upwave as they discuss how to empower your developers to focus on building great code rather than deploying it. They will show how to remove demand on your developers and reduce risk to your customer experience by minimizing service disruptions due to change failures.


Trusting Mission Critical Infrastructure: Building reliable CD platforms is about more than building features

Tuesday, June 7 • 9:00am – 9:30am

Join Fernando Freire, a Principal Software Engineer at Armory and Isaac Mosquera, Principal GTM Leader, Serverless at AWS to hear a talk about how critical infrastructure products like Spinnaker form the basis of many technology strategies, increasing the velocity of innovation while reducing the risk of outages. Failure of these systems erodes trust, limiting a team’s ability to delegate responsibility. They will explore the relationship between critical infrastructure across domains and propose a set of strategies for building resilient CD platforms that prioritize trust over building features.

At our booth

Stop by to see what’s new – and get a hands on demo of Project Borealis, Armory’s new Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service product – currently only available to our design partners or through this blue/green sneak peak video:




How to make the most of your time at cdCon?


It’s the perfect opportunity to meet with project leaders and peers to share information and ask questions.

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