DevSecOps with Armory Enterprise AWS Dev Day August 31st, 2021


In this Dev Day workshop, you will gain an understanding of what it takes to reliably deploy software at scale. You will not only learn about best practices from the team at Armory, you will get hands-on experience deploying a sample application, configuring your first pipeline, and understanding OPA pipelines.


Session time: 10:00 am to 11:30 am PDT


You will learn the following topics:

  • The importance, complexity and best practices of achieving reliable deployments at scale
  • How to use Armory Enterprise to deploy in a DevSecOps pipeline
  • How to use Open Policy Agent (OPA) to achieve compliance in your organization
  • A baseline understanding of how CI and CD work to enable reliable deployments and how to think about them for your organization



DevOps practitioners and everyone interested in operational improvements of your development teams



  • Introduction and overview of Armory and reliable deployments
  • Overview of hands on lab modules and pre-configured installation
  • Work with Armory and AWS teams on your hands-on skills. Create your first pipeline.
  • Understand an OPA pipeline


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