Enterprise Scale Deployments

It has been said that all companies are software companies. For a company to win in this software-driven world, speed-to-market is critical – it can be the difference between success and failure. To achieve speed-to-market, organizations must deploy at enterprise scale.

Armory and Gartner Peer Insights sampled 100 engineering and operations professionals to better understand their current efforts to achieve speed-to-market.


of respondents most commonly use rolling deployments as their primary deployment strategy

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of respondents measure software deployment quality by customer satisfaction.

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of IT leaders say ensuring reliable deployments is their application development priority.

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Data collection: April 9 – June 28, 2022

Respondents: 100 IT, engineering, and information security leaders

With diverse team sizes, multi cloud and rolling deployments are the norm

The most common (45%) cloud environment organizations deploy to today is a multiple public and one private cloud set up.

Which best describes the different environments you deploy to today?

0% One public cloud only

0% Private clouds only

Multi-cloud deployments graph showing the majority have multiple public clouds.

At least half of IT leaders cite Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Virtualized environments / virtual machines (VMs), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) as current deployment targets.

What are your current
deployment targets?

0% None of the above

0% Other

Armory makes deploying to Kubernetes easy and scalable with a simple declarative GitOps experience

The most commonly used advanced deployment method is rolling deployments (60%) while canary deployments (37%) are least used.

Which advanced deployment methods do you use or would you like to use?

Blue/green deployments

Canary deployments

Rolling deployments

About half (44%) of organizations have between 51 – 100 developers, while 34% have more than 100. In terms of applications, most organizations (49%) have between 1 -50.

How many developers and applications

are in your organization?

Customer satisfaction and agility are key metrics for IT decision makers

The top 3 metrics that respondents track to measure software deployment quality are customer satisfaction (67%). competitive response (62%), and financial results and return to stakeholders (60%).

What metrics do you track against the quality of your deployment?

A graph showing how enterprise scale deployments help achieve the key metrics for IT decision makers

75% of IT leaders actively track Lead Time for Changes for their deployments

What metrics do you actively track and

use as KPIs for your deployments?

Reliability is a top priority, but multi cloud deployments are a challenge

The overwhelming majority (82%) of IT leaders say ensuring reliable deployments is their top app development and deployment priority. Just 9% say releasing faster than their competitors is a top priority.

What is your organization’s top priority with regards to app development and deployment?

Armory makes increasing reliability easy with progressive deployments and single-click rollbacks

IT decision makers cite multi cloud deployments being too complex (62%) as the top issue that needs to be addressed with their app development and deployment. One quarter (25%) report their top challenge is the time from development to deployment is too long.

What is your engineering team’s top issue

that needs to be addressed when it comes

to app development and deployment?

The majority (51%) of IT leaders report that their organization can deploy safely and reliably to different targets. Only 26% feel their organizations can reliably manage 100s of apps or microservices.

Please select the statements that

accurately describe your organization’s capabilities.

53% of IT leaders say they have elite or almost elite stability. Multi-target capabilities across clouds, geographies, or environments is a struggle or needs improvement from 22% of organizations.

Enterprise scale deployments are defined as Elite Velocity + Elite

Stability + Multi-target Capabilities + Extensible Orchestration.

Please rate on a 1 – 5 scale how well you feel your organization

performs in these areas

Elite Velocity:

deployment speed and lead time for changes

Elite Stability:

change failure rate and speed to restore

Multi-target Capabilities:

across clouds, geographies, or environments

Extensible Orchestration:

scaling of apps/microservices, developers, Kubernetes clusters, etc.

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