What is Deploying at Scale?

Discover what enterprise-scale deployments are, why it matters, and how Armory can help you gain a competitive advantage through Continuous Deployment at scale.

Deploy to Multiple Targets, Regions, Environments, and Clusters Across Hybrid-Clouds

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What does Deploying at Scale Mean?

In the digital era, every business must have a software-centric mindset to remain competitive. The ability to deliver high-quality, secure software is now the difference between the success and failure of a company. In today’s market, the customer experience is almost entirely digital, so failures in a company’s digital presence equals a bad customer experience.

According to a study run by PwC, one-third of customers will now abandon a brand after a single bad experience, so brands can’t afford to disappoint.

In order to ensure your customers are receiving the best experience and your business is performing optimally, you need to track performance metrics. With this in mind, Google’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team determined the four golden signals to understand the performance of an application and Google’s DevOps Research and Assessment team (DORA) has determined four key market standard metrics, to understand the performance of software development teams.

These metrics are: lead time for changes, deployment frequency, mean time to recovery, and change failure rate. Each of these metrics is rated on a scale of: low, medium, high, and elite. To be genuinely competitive, a company needs to rate, at a minimum, high if not elite. Elite development teams are deploying at scale!

An image the DORA metrics depicting  deploying at scale, enterprise scale deployments, and continuous deployment at scale.

Companies need to have high developer velocity and achieve enterprise scale deployments to get an elite rating. According to McKinsey and Company, companies who have created high developer velocity have substantially outpaced those who have not in the following areas:

  • 4x – 5x faster revenue growth (2014–18)
  • 60% higher total shareholder returns
  • 20% higher operating margins
  • 55% higher innovation score
  • Higher customer satisfaction, brand perception, and talent management

Deploying at scale doesn’t have to be complicated. Historically, organizations had to build their own deployment capabilities. Even still to this day, when companies adopt a lot of open source solutions they still have to conform to certain formats and or build capability on top of the source, not to mention hire a team to manage the solution. This does not scale.

You have invested a lot of time and money into your software development practices and tools. So, Armory meets you where you are and does not require you to change the structure of your repos – after all branching is Gits superpower – or change your manifests to custom rollout objects. Armory automates the promotion lifecycle across multiple environments and clusters while jointly deciding whether to proceed or roll back for all. This does scale!

What Does Deploying at Scale Involve:

In today’s digital climate, innovation relies heavily on IT’s continuous enablement to rapidly adapt to the growing and changing market needs. This has created the need for increased stability and agility of IT systems. These needs catalyzed the development of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): A practice of pushing code (new features and functionality) through a pipeline of automation, directly to users.

With your resources focused on your competitive advantage, a strong CI/CD toolset, and deploying at scale; businesses are armed with the competitive advantage and provide the superior customer experience needed for success. Achieving enterprise scale deployments and the elite development status with minimal staff tending to your CI/CD toolset means you are deploying at scale.

What Are the Benefits of Deployments at Scale?

The benefits of deploying at scale include:

Faster innovation and time-to-market.

Lower development costs and happier developers.

A larger market share and increased revenue.

Greater forecasting and planning accuracy.

Why Choose Continuous Deployment at Scale?

With Armory, you get the capability to deploy at scale so you can confidently and securely deploy software as often as needed, across thousands of apps or microservices, by thousands of developers, and to thousands of deployment targets; every time.

Armory Continuous Deployment solutions enable deploying at scale so your team can achieve Elite ratings across the board. Armory helps you get code to your customers quickly, removes the need for you to manage the deployment process, and increases your ability to deliver value through code. You and your team can focus on writing great code, not on deploying it. This results in higher customer satisfaction, higher employee engagement, and better financial performance.

Commit. Deploy. Repeat.

Continuous Deployment at any scale, for all developers.