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“Armory became a true partner for us in the adoption of Spinnaker. From installing and maximizing Spinnaker to establishing an infrastructure, engineering organization, and DevOps team culture.”

– Haroon Rasheed, Engineering Manager, Glovo

“With Armory, our developers don’t have to worry about CI/CD anymore-they can focus on new coding and new features.”

– Dien Mac, Engineering Manager at Earnin

“Armory is definitely the best-in-class right now on Spinnaker. AWS has done a bang-up job of delivering towards the goal of automated regional expansion on top of Spinnaker, namely: Lambda with Blue/Green deployment strategy & new account creation.”

– Shrirang Moghe, Sr. TPM/Sr. Software Architect, Autodesk

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With Armory, our developers don’t have to worry about CI/CD anymore-they can focus on new coding and new features.

Dien Mac, Engineering Manager at Earnin

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