Continuous Deployment Helps Scale Software Development Processes, Product Growth and Businesses Efficiently, According to New Reports from Armory and Gartner Peer Insights

SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 15, 2022 Armory, the Continuous Deployment (CD) company, released new reports about the state of deployment practices. The three reports detail current practices, priorities and pain points for development teams working to speed up their release cycles, increase app quality and reliability and improve their customers’ experience.

Armory and Gartner Peer Insights surveyed 400 engineering and operations professionals to better understand their current approach to deployment, efforts to improve speed-to-market and common pain points.
Key findings include:

“These reports uncover challenges facing development teams, from manual processes to inconsistencies and complexity,” said Adam Frank, Vice President of Product, Armory. “Deployment velocity, quality and reliability are more important than ever, along with scaling product growth efficiently. These insights help us understand how to empower teams to create and deploy better products efficiently and at scale.”

Continuous Deployment in App Development 

The report titled Continuous Deployment in App Development looked at continuous deployment (CD) use and companies’ motivations. More than 80% of respondents reported ensuring reliable deployments as their top priority related to app development and deployment. Survey results show organizations are adopting Continuous Deployment to enhance the quality and reliability of their app deployments. Automation drives Continuous Deployment adoption, with many decision-makers seeing the benefit of a streamlined and less burdensome process almost immediately.
More than half of respondents chose Continuous Deployment because of the ability to scale people, technology and process efficiently; lower staffing costs through time saved on manual tasks; streamline complex workflows and keep apps constantly updated to increase customer satisfaction.
More than half (59%) report that overly complex deployment to multi-cloud environments remains the top app development and deployment issue their engineering team needs to address.

Enterprise Scale Deployments

The Enterprise Scale Deployments report analyzed companies’ efforts to accelerate speed to market and scale their product growth and business efficiently. After all, it is no secret that in order for companies to win in this software-driven world, they must deploy at enterprise scale. The most common cloud environment organizations deploy to today is a multiple public and one private cloud setup. IT decision-makers cite multi-cloud deployments as being too complex as the top issue that needs to be addressed with their app development and deployment. One quarter reports the top challenge is the time from development to deployment being too long.

The overwhelming majority (82%) of IT leaders say ensuring reliable deployments is their top app development and deployment priority. Just 9% say releasing faster than their competitors is a top priority. While more than half of IT leaders report that their organization can deploy safely and reliably to different targets, 53% believe they have elite or almost elite stability. Only a quarter feel their organization can reliably manage hundreds of apps or microservices.

The top three metrics that respondents track to measure software deployment quality are customer satisfaction, competitive response and financial results and return to stakeholders.

Software Deployment Pain Points and Risks for Developers

Software developers should be able to focus on writing code and creating differentiating value, not deploying code. Due to development complexities, teams face many pain points, which are revealed in the Software Deployment Pain Points and Risks for Developers report. 

The average team works with more than 20 deployment environments, and GitHub and GitLab are the most common ways teams trigger their deployments. Deployment frequency is the top success metric for deployments, selected by 52% of engineering and operations leaders.

The most common pain point reported: too many manual steps. About half of respondents also cited a lack of consistency and the inability to easily deploy new software versions alongside old ones. Poor processes and workflows are the primary cause of these challenges, followed closely by developer talent and the organization’s tech stack. 

“This report highlights the continuing challenges and emerging needs of the developer community. Armory is dedicated to innovating solutions to solve critical problems and remove deployment demands on developers,” said Jim Douglas, CEO, Armory.

About Armory
Armory makes Continuous Deployment achievable and effortless, at any scale, for all developers. Armory’s easy-to-use Continuous Deployment solutions automate and scale software promotion lifecycles across all clusters and environments. Commit code with confidence, and watch it automatically deploy from dev to stage and on to production – no matter how many environments – all while integrating and orchestrating existing automations like security scanning so deployments are secure, reliable, safe, and continuous. With Armory, developers can easily and confidently deploy updates that improve and protect their customers’ experience.

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