Armory Introduces Spinnaker Policy Engine to Enable Developer Guardrails Across the SDLC

SAN MATEO, CALIF. (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 12, 2019 — Armory, the enterprise software company commercializing Spinnaker, the leading open source continuous delivery platform, today announced Policy Engine for SDLC, a new solution enabling enterprises to accelerate software delivery by removing the bottleneck in service ownership created by policy enforcement for compliance with regulatory and business requirements.

Increasing enterprise adoption of Spinnaker is giving developers increased control of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and infrastructure. Despite a strong desire to achieve full end-to-end service ownership by developers, many organizations have central teams responsible for security and compliance policy guarantees. For example, enterprises may be wary of fully empowering developers in regulated industries that require compliance with SOC 2, ISO, or FedRAMP regulations.

Armory’s Policy Engine for SDLC provides the hooks necessary to perform extensive verification of controls in Spinnaker, ensuring that applications and infrastructure are fully compliant before, during, and after the deployment to end users. The policy engine is backed by Open Policy Agent (OPA) and uses standard OPA-style policy language to perform validation.

Armory Makes the SDLC Standardized, Streamlined, Compliant and Cost-Effective

Armory’s Policy Engine for SDLC is the first of its kind, enabling users to set and manage policies across the entire SDLC, continuously monitoring and updating compliance with those policies. It provides the insight and control needed to implement continuous delivery with guardrails that ensure enterprises adhere to industry, regulatory, security, or business requirements.

With this solution, Armory customers can define policies that mitigate risk by avoiding costly errors while leveraging automation across the multi-cloud to deliver the lowest cost, highest quality service, thereby maximizing ROI according to their unique business requirements.

Unleashing the Power and Automation of Spinnaker, With Guardrails

With the launch of Policy Engine for SDLC, Armory provides the leverage to start eliminating the bottleneck to developer end-to-end service ownership. Enterprises using this solution with a centralized Spinnaker instance ensure that all developers deploying to production follow a sanctioned path that meets legal and business requirements, such as SOC 2, ISO, or FedRAMP. This is especially valuable for companies operating in regulated environments that face regular audits.

“With increased urgency to accelerate the pace of innovation, enterprises are moving to the cloud and putting developers at the core of their business. Spinnaker combined with Armory’s context-aware Policy Engine for SDLC enables these organizations to empower developers to own their entire SDLC without losing control,” says Alex Bello, VP Product at Armory.

The view across software development and delivery in Spinnaker enables Policy Engine for SDLC to provide visibility and automatically enforce decisions that policy makers identify and codify in OPA, avoiding costly mistakes, security failure and compliance violations. Unlike other proprietary policy engines, the OPA-based Policy Engine for SDLC from Armory deeply integrates with many systems of record and provides a single pane of glass for management and control.

Armory Policy Engine for SDLC Availability, Documentation and Demonstration

Armory’s Spinnaker distribution v2.16.2 is available now and offers Policy Engine for SDLC, which is tested with OPA versions 0.12.x and 0.13.x. Additional features in Armory’s distribution include Pipelines as Code, Terraform Integration, Account Management API and DevOps Insights. Armory is deeply involved in the Spinnaker open source community and is one of the top three contributors to Spinnaker. Recent contributions include Kustomize Integration, Spinnaker Operator for Kubernetes, Secrets Management, and more.

Additional information on Policy Engine for SDLC, including product documentation and demos are provided in Armory’s blog post here.

Those interested in a demonstration of Policy Engine for SDLC can register for a live webinar on December 5th at

Armory will showcase the new Policy Engine for SDLC as well as other enterprise capabilities for Spinnaker at the upcoming Spinnaker Summit, taking place November 14-16 in San Diego. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about Armory’s award-winning product capabilities and services through presentations, demonstrations and a keynote address by Armory’s CTO, Isaac Mosquera.

About Spinnaker: The Battle-Tested, Open Source Standard for Cloud-Native Software Delivery

Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing quality software quickly and efficiently. It was developed and open sourced by Netflix and Google and has been tested in production by hundreds of teams over millions of deployments. It is the only open source continuous delivery platform with active contribution from the major cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Pivotal and more.

About Spinnaker Summit

Now in its third year, Spinnaker Summit focuses on the rapid adoption of the Spinnaker open source platform as a key enterprise choice for software delivery and management. The event brings together developers, architects, delivery managers and technology leaders, each of whom is committed to advancing the development and adoption of the fast-growing continuous delivery platform.

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Armory is the company driving modern digital transformation with its enterprise version of Spinnaker. Armory’s scalable, flexible, and secure platform automates software delivery, enabling software teams to ship better software, faster. The core of Armory’s platform is powered by Spinnaker, the continuous delivery platform developed and open sourced by Netflix and Google to help companies quickly and safely deploy software into multiple clouds. Armory builds on open-source Spinnaker’s foundation, adding proprietary features for bolstered enterprise scale, along with 24×7 enterprise-grade support. Armory’s platform is trusted by Global 2000 customers in financial services, technology, retail, healthcare, and entertainment. Armory is also a sponsor of, and contributor to, the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF), the vendor-neutral home of the fastest-growing projects for continuous delivery.

Founded in 2016, Armory is funded by Insight Partners, Crosslink Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, Mango Capital, Y Combinator, and Javelin Venture Partners. Armory is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif. Learn more at and follow the company at @cloudarmory.