Announcing the Spinnaker Kubernetes Operator: Spinnaker Management Made Simple

Armory, the enterprise software company commercializing Spinnaker, the leading open source continuous delivery platform, today announced General Availability (GA) of the Spinnaker Operator, a new tool that makes deploying and managing the full lifecycle of your Spinnaker app simple, automated, and reliable, leveraging a Kubernetes-native GitOps workflow.

“Spinnaker continues to see great momentum as the de facto standard for multicloud continuous delivery, with a large and growing community, significant lean-in from the cloud providers, and rapidly growing adoption by the world’s leading enterprises. We created and open sourced the Operator to make it even easier for enterprises to adopt and benefit from Spinnaker,” says Alex Bello, VP of Product at Armory.

The Operator Brings a Kubernetes-Native, GitOps Workflow to Managing Spinnaker

The Spinnaker Operator is a Kubernetes Operator for managing Spinnaker. It makes deploying and managing the full lifecycle of your Spinnaker app simple, automated, and reliable. The Operator lets you treat Spinnaker as just another declarative Kubernetes deployment, which makes installing and managing Spinnaker easy and consistent. The Operator unlocks the scalability of a GitOps workflow by defining Spinnaker configurations in a code repository rather than in Halyard commands. With the Operator, you can leverage Kubernetes Secrets for secrets management, bring peer review and auditability to your manifests, and enable pre-flight validation for configuration changes.

“We’ve loved using the Spinnaker Operator. To begin with, the migration from Helm charts to the Spinnaker Operator was painless. Now that we have migrated, we have zero need to use Halyard scripts for advanced configurations, and the declarative syntax of the Operator is much more expressive and testable. The Operator has also taken all of the effort out of upgrading Spinnaker to the latest version – all we have to do is change one value in the CRD. The Operator webhook prevents syntax errors from bringing down productive services, and the Halyard configuration simplifies debugging and enables us to automate configuration through templating. Overall, it has been a game-changer for us in how we manage Spinnaker.”

Additional information on the Spinnaker Operator can be found on Armory’s blog here.

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Armory drives modern digital transformation with its enterprise version of Spinnaker. Armory’s scalable, flexible, and secure platform automates software delivery at scale, making it continuous, collaborative, and safe. Spinnaker is the leading open source continuous delivery platform, developed and open sourced by Netflix and Google and tested in production by hundreds of teams over millions of deployments. Armory builds on open source Spinnaker’s foundation, adding exclusive enterprise features and along with 24×7 expert support. Armory’s platform is trusted by Global 2000 customers in financial services, technology, retail, and other sectors. Armory was founded in 2016 and is based in San Mateo, CA