Venture Beat: Don’t be afraid to give your employees real autonomy

The classic amusement park “auto ride” lets riders drive a car — or at least “think” they are driving a car. The controlled car, mounted on rails, travels along a trough-like track and is powered by electrical currents. The driver can’t stop, accelerate or change direction — they can steer just enough to feel like they have some control over the car’s direction. Many companies also operate under a similar “command and control” model: A few company leaders hold all the power, specific company details (financials and salaries, for example) are closely guarded, and workers are expected to stay “on track.” Success is about following the rules. Compliance is valued more than trust.

While that controlling management style may work in an industrial context, it doesn’t work well in a knowledge economy powered by code. Modern organizations must go “off the rails” and empower workers with the data they need to determine their direction, speed, and destination. This empowerment mindset is crucial, as building ideas is very different from building physical goods.

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