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Why GitOps is a Must to Accelerate Your Time-to-Market

Mar 14, 2023 by Adam Frank

GitOps is a development methodology that treats the desired state of applications and infrastructure as code. It utilizes Git, a version control system, to enable users to manage their cloud environment in a more organized and automated way. By storing all configurations in one place – Git – teams can collaborate on changes, rollback if needed, and audit changes.

What are the Benefits of GitOps?

GitOps provides a number of benefits to accelerate your time-to-market and assure your customer experience. It enables teams to control the lifecycle of Kubernetes applications and automate and ensure that deployments are always up-to-date with their specified requirements. Additionally, it facilitates collaboration among multiple stakeholders by providing visibility into infrastructure and application code changes. GitOps allows teams to track and audit changes in their environment, improving the security of their applications.

How Does GitOps Boost Time-to-Market?

One of the top benefits of GitOps is that it ensures that deployments are adequately managed and monitored, reducing unexpected downtime. Furthermore, GitOps enables organizations to quickly scale up or down application deployments without manual intervention and supports cloud-native architectures that can easily be deployed across multiple environments cloud providers, promoting DevOps best practices.

The main principle of GitOps is to manage the infrastructure and applications as code, enabling teams to deploy changes in a safe and secure way, continuously. When development teams are enabled to write code and deploy it simply and easily, they’re able to get applications to market faster.

How Does GitOps Work with Deployments?

There are two main practices when it comes to GitOps: push and pull. When it comes to pull, the container image and configuration changes are, as you guessed it, pulled into the cluster from an agent running within the cluster. When it comes to push, as you probably guessed correctly again, the CD engine pushes the changes into the cluster. Until Armory, deployment engines that pushed updates were imperative and manual. With the introduction of CD-as-a-Service, the world now has a declarative deployment model equipped with GitOps best practices that orchestrate your deployment across all your clusters and environments – out-of-the-box.

GitOps and Workflows

GitOps is also beneficial in other ways. It makes it easier for teams to integrate automated testing, continuous deployment, and compliance checking into their workflows. By automating these processes, organizations can release updates faster with fewer errors and reduce the time spent on manual tasks. GitOps provides greater visibility into changes and deployments, enabling teams to quickly identify problems or potential vulnerabilities.

Ultimately, GitOps is a key component for any company to accelerate their time-to-market, improve developer experience and gain a competitive advantage. It simplifies application deployment, increases security by controlling and auditing changes, and enables teams to deploy applications quickly across multiple environments with minimal effort. By leveraging this methodology, organizations can ensure their deployments are always up-to-date and secure, making GitOps an indispensable part of any cloud-native company’s toolset.

Give Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service a try today and experience declarative deployment orchestration that’s easy and incredibly scalable.

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