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What’s New this Week September 8, 2020

Sep 8, 2020 by Stu Posluns

Welcome back from the Labor Day weekend! Please enjoy our (usually) bi-weekly feature development roll-up, with updates on features from Experiments through to GA. This is our way of taking you on the journey of “How an Idea Becomes a Feature” at Armory. You can track features as they go from Experiment to Early Release and then to General Availability. Here is a link to the Early Release, Beta, and GA definitions at Armory.

Check out these links for some deep dives and interesting reads:
Below please find details on features we are building.

New Experiments

What is an Experiment? An experiment is a test version of a feature for us to present to you, our users, designed to solve some of your key pain points. This is your opportunity to provide us feedback. We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly, so that we can create the best feature to solve your problem. 
  • UI for Pipelines as Code
    • What is it?
      • We are building a UI for our Pipelines as Code feature. The UI will organize and highlight key information including available pipeline templates, how often they are used, their file path, when they were last updated (and by whom), alerts for potential issues, a preview of the pipeline code, version history / changelog, etc.
    • What are the benefits?
      • Pipelines as Code is a powerful feature to build, manage, templatize, and scale your Spinnaker pipelines using a GitOps model. The UI will make it mush easier to discover, share, and manage these pipeline templates across your organization
    • Where can I learn more?
      • We’d love your feedback on what you would like to see in a Pipelines as Code UI. Reach out to us at [email protected]
  • Workspaces for Terraform Enterprise / Terraform Cloud Integration
    • What is it?
      • Armory has built a robust integration with Terraform, enabling you to bring automated infrastructure-as-code into your continuous delivery pipeline. In order to better enable this integration with the Enterprise and Cloud versions of Terraform, we are making our integration compatible with TFE / TFC Workspaces
    • What are the benefits?
      • Enable the use of TFE / TFCs remote backends, making it much easier to integrate TFE / TFC directly into your Spinnaker workflow
    • Where can I learn more?


We’re working on several exciting projects, we like to be transparent and share updates so you can see what’s coming up!
  • Armory Kubernetes Agent
    • What is it?
      • The Kubernetes Agent is a highly performant service for Kubernetes that enables Spinnaker to smoothly scale to deploying to thousands of Kubernetes clusters with minimal latency. The Agent sits between the clouddriver and the Kubernetes clusters, enabling better caching and eliminating a number of other scaling issues 
    • What’s new and what are the benefits?
      • We have been successfully piloting the feature with select Design Partners, who are seeing significant scalability improvements. Design Partners gain early access to the Kubernetes Agent, and provide collaborative feedback to help shape its development through to GA. 
      • Over the last couple of weeks we’ve added support for Dynamic Accounts and Account Permissions into the Kubernetes Agent, as well as expanded integration testing coverage
    • Where can I learn more? 
      • Sign up to be an Armory Design Partner or reach out to us here to learn more.
Policy Engine Plug-in
    • What is it?
    • What’s new and what are the benefits?
      • Over this last sprint, we’ve added a Preprocess step to the Policy Engine. This allows you to preprocess the pipeline artifact before running the pipeline. These rules can be set for all pipelines, rather than just for specific stages. For example, you can create a policy that fails any pipelines where the artifact is a GitHub file. 
    • Where can I learn more?
      • Reach out to us here!

Early Release

What is an early release of a feature? It is a feature that is working and installable, but some functionality is likely to be missing and a number of known and unknown issues are likely to surface. It’s a first version. Please call out anything you can’t live without, and what you’d like to see changed or improved.
  • Armory Cloud (Armory as a Service)
    • What is it?
      • Armory Cloud as a Service is a SaaS offering of Armory’s powerful, enterprise-grade Spinnaker distribution. We provide the full Armory platform, running as a service in Armory’s cloud account in a secure configuration
    • What are the benefits?
      • Substantial operational streamlining and cost savings, significantly faster onboarding, and immediate access to the newest Armory Spinnaker features
    • What’s New?
      • Experiment: API Auth Token Plugin so that you can authenticate from the Spinnaker command line without using x509
      • Experiment: A UI for Spinnaker configs, as an alternative to making configurations directly in YAML
    • Where can I learn more?
      • Learn more on our website here.
      • In addition we are excited to expand the Armory SaaS beta program to a limited number of additional Design Partners. If you are interested in early access to Armory Spinnaker as a Service, or in learning more about the product, reach out to us here!

General Availability

What is general availability? This is a feature we have added and fully support in our product offering. Please let us know what is working well, and what you’d like to see expanded, added, or improved.
  • Spinnaker Kubernetes Operator is GA!
    • What is it?
      • The Spinnaker Operator is a new, declarative, Kubernetes-native way to deploy to Spinnaker. It was created by Armory engineers and is available for free here (OSS) and here (Armory Spinnaker)
    • What are the Benefits?
      • The Operator makes managing Spinnaker, which runs in Kubernetes, dramatically simpler and more automated. It allows you to install, upgrade, and manage Spinnaker as you would any other Kubernetes deployment, using kubectl and kustomize. It also introduces powerful new features including pre-flight validation of config changes, and a GitOps workflow for your Spinnaker configs.
    • Where can I learn more?
      • Read this in-depth blog post to learn more about how Armory engineers codified their years of Spinnaker experience into the Operator, and register for a webinar demoing the Operator here. See the latest release notes here.
  • Ongoing Quality Improvements
    • What is it and what are the benefits?
      • We are constantly expanding our code, unit, and integration testing coverage to provide our customers with the highest quality experience. 
    • Where can I learn more?
      • To learn more about how Armory ensures a robust, stable, secure Spinnaker release, reach out to us at [email protected]
  • Armory Release v2.21.3
    • We’ve released Armory v2.21.3! There are plenty of big updates from v2.20.x, from Armory and from OSS Spinnaker – check out the docs here for more details! Some highlights include support for extension resources in Fiat, the ability to run multiple simultaneous instances of Packer’s Docker Build, the ability to filter triggers on Git webhooks, deprecation of the legacy Kubernetes v1 provider, and much more. 
Here are the latest release notes:
We appreciate your feedback – let us know what you think! Want to get an early release or need any help configuring these features? Contact us here.
Armory’s platform exists to help make software delivery continuous, scalable, and safe. If you want to try these or any other Armory features, you can:

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