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Visit the New Armory Developer Portal

Aug 11, 2023 by aliciapetit

Easier Access to Tutorials, Release Notes, Documentation, and More!

Developer Experience (DX) is one of Armory’s top focuses for 2023. In addition to improving developer experience through Continuous Deployment, we’re also working hard to improve DX for all of our solutions. 

According to ThoughtWorks, poor information management and dissemination accounts for a large percentage of why some development teams are functioning at a fraction of their full potential.

“Ineffective knowledge management, including poor or missing documentation, cognitive overload, excessive communication between individuals and teams due to “tribal” knowledge, and a lack of clarity over who owns systems and APIs, etc.”

Better DX can lead to benefits for organizations outside of development teams, such as improved employee recruitment and retention, better security, and increased developer productivity. 

To create a better developer experience for our users, and to help alleviate problems of lack of information about how to implement Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service, we’ve launched the brand new Armory Developer Portal at

Here, you’ll find quick link access to:

If you’ve been meaning to give Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service a try but needed some help getting started, visit for a boost. Don’t forget to sign up for CD-as-a-Service for free now.  

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