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Upcoming Webinar: Armory + Pulumi = Continuous Delivery for your Infrastructure as Code

Join us this Thursday, August 6th September 10th at 12:00pm PDT for a fantastic webinar co-hosted by Pulumi and Armory engineers. Register here!

See a live demo of how the new Pulumi plugin for Spinnaker simplifies your deployments by empowering your teams to deliver infrastructure and application code in a single workflow using the same languages. You’ll learn:
  • How to use the Pulumi plugin for Spinnaker
  • How to write infrastructure code in familiar programming languages

You’ll also get to see two rockstars Praneet Loke (Software Engineer at Pulumi) and Daniel Peach (Senior Software Engineer at Armory) in action!

The Pulumi plugin is another great example of the expanding plugin ecosystem for Spinnaker. Join the webinar, and reach out to Pulumi and Armory to learn more!