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Try Our New DevOps Dating Platform,

Apr 3, 2023 by Anna Daugherty

Just kidding. While is not actually a DevOps Dating app, it is a real website. Visit for the latest thoughts on Continuous Deployment – and to get some Swag! The first 100 people to sign up for a demo get a free Not Afraid to Commit shirt!

At Armory, we know that dating can be brutal. And dating while you work in DevOps? That can be like trying to manually deploy on a Saturday morning; a waste of time. 

DevOps pros around the world can be afraid to commit, especially on Fridays. That’s why Armory has taken our years of learnings from enabling continuous deployment workflows for developers across the globe and created the first DevOps dating platform, aka DateOps.

To combat DevOps commitment issues, we’ve created

What is

It’s the first DevOps dating platform, aka DateOps.

How do you know you need DateOps? 

Oh you’ll know. Your dating life is full of bugs. Reflect on your DevOps dating life, and if any of the below apply to you, give a shot!

Utilizing our proprietary NATC (Not Afraid To Commit) Algorithm, you’ll be served the best possible connections. Automated Controls and Verifications ensure matches line up and run smoothly. 

Then, you can sync your matches with your personal VCS to make sure you both fit together and git together.  

If you’re a DevOps pro who’s not afraid to commit, it’s time to meet your match. Visit to learn more. 

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