2019 in Review: The Meteoric Rise of Spinnaker in the Enterprise

Jan 2, 2020 by DROdio

Armory’s top goal for 2019 was to help Global 2,000 enterprises discover Spinnaker. We have achieved that objective beyond our wildest expectations.

At the beginning of 2019, there were only a dozen companies publicly sharing their success with Spinnaker — and that included Google and Netflix, who originally open-sourced the project. Spinnaker was a lurking OSS project just below the surface, and Global 2,000 enterprises had very little visibility into its usage by their peers.

What a difference a year makes.

Now, the 2,400 contributors to Spinnaker are publicly trackable and include Netflix, Google, Armory, Pivotal, Nike, Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, Spotify, SAP, Salesforce, HP, Samsung, Uber, NTT, Cisco, JPMorgan Chase, IBM, Oracle, The Home Depot, Volvo, Accenture, and many, many others.

Now, the fact that all the major cloud providers are contributing to Spinnaker and the breadth of the contributor base is showing the Global 2,000 that Spinnaker will serve as the de-facto multi-cloud software delivery orchestration platform to help them overcome an increasing fragmentation of infrastructure as they move out of data centers and into the cloud. (This fragmentation of infrastructure targets will be greatly exacerbated in 2020 as the clouds continue to innovate, making Spinnaker even more valuable to the Global 2,000.)

Now, AWS has publicly shared its deep commitment to Spinnaker to help AWS customers use more AWS services. At re:Invent, they stated:

“AWS realized that customers wanted a single platform to deploy applications to multiple AWS targets.” – Paul Roberts, Principal Solutions Architect, Strategic Accounts at Amazon Web Services

Now, there is a “success stories” page on Spinnaker.io with case studies and videos from Airbnb, SAP, TransUnion, Comcast, Waze and others — with many more that have yet to be posted there, including from Snap, New Relic, Pinterest, Salesforce, Sony, Discovery and others (for now you can find their deep dives in this Spinnaker Summit keynote)

Now, the Spinnaker Summit has doubled in size to 500 people, with attendees representing 175 companies from 22 countries, and the Spinnaker YouTube playlist has 44 videos from companies like The Home Depot, Salesforce, Snap, Sony, Autodesk, and AWS sharing their success stories.

Now, the press is starting to pick up on the growth of Spinnaker, with articles like “Why investors are starting to make big bets on Spinnaker, a Netflix-started software project that could be the next big thing in cloud computing” that noted “Spinnaker is roughly mirroring the path taken by Kubernetes” and “Big Customers Pressure AWS to Step Up Open Source Support” that noted “Spinnaker adoption “has exploded” at Netflix, Capital One and Intuit, the AWS document said” and “While Spinnaker can be used with a single cloud provider, it is especially useful in scenarios where companies use multiple providers or run applications in both the cloud and their own private data centers.”

Now, we’re starting to see some incredible details emerge from Global 2,000 companies about the value of Spinnaker in their companies. This Medium post by Adobe, “Experiences with Spinnaker on Adobe Experience Platform,” highlighted some of the key reasons the G2K is standardizing on Spinnaker:

“With Spinnaker, the time required for our deployments was reduced from six hours to about 20 minutes.” – Jaemi Bremner, Group Manager-Strategic Initiatives, Chief of Staff to VP of Engineering, Adobe Experience Platform

Jaemi also shared other benefits Adobe is getting from Spinnaker:

  • “Before we began working with Spinnaker, deploying our Audience Manager applications was a cumbersome process, which took a lot of engineering effort and was prone to error.”
  • “Today, Adobe uses Spinnaker to deploy some of our most critical Adobe Audience Manager applications to production, And, we’re now using Spinnaker in Kubernetes to deploy Adobe Experience Platform’s “new” Experience Edge in several regions across the world.”
  • “One of the more important results we were able to achieve is a new level of agility in our deployments. Before Spinnaker, we were only able to complete a new deployment on the platform side about every three months. Due to time between deployments, we were also introducing a lot of changes with each one making it very hard to track, and thus solve, any problems that occurred during or after our deployment. Now we are able to deploy every two weeks to coincide with our feature development.”
  • “We found that the ability to create an immutable infrastructure with Spinnaker is just one of the many benefits it provides.” (Jaemi further describes benefits in reduced costs, better security, authorization at the application level, audit capabilities.)
  • “Spinnaker is not just a tool for deployment but can also be used to automate tasks. So far, our use of Spinnaker has focused on creating Infrastructure. Currently, we are experimenting with using Spinnaker to automate tasks.” (Jaemi  further describes automating Kubernetes clusters, automated canaries, chaos engineering)

Furthermore, other large enterprises like JPMorgan Chase are also publicly disclosing how Spinnaker is enabling them to innovate faster.

“Increasing the velocity of our software delivery lifecycle is what enables development teams to iterate faster and, in turn, increase our output of innovative products and services for our customers and clients.” – AJ Lang, CTO, JPMorgan Chase

What this growth means for Armory in 2020:

I’m incredibly proud of the Armory Tribe for the work we did in 2019 to further the public recognition of Spinnaker last year. Since Armory provides Spinnaker at Enterprise Scale, the growth of the project has been incredibly valuable for Armory as well. We did a $28MM Series B with Insight Partners and were selected as one of the top B2B companies to bet one’s career on in 2020.

But even more importantly, we are pleased to count many of the companies listed above as Armory customers. In fact, JPMorgan Chase recently awarded Armory its “Hall of Innovation” award for our work with them.

Additionally, in 2019 Armory launched a Policy Engine, Pipelines as Code, a Vault integration for secrets management and other enterprise features to help the Global 2,000 deeply leverage Spinnaker across their entire Software Development Lifecycles.

You’ll see much more of this from Armory in 2020 – this year, we’re doubling down on Spinnaker at the core of Armory’s platform to help companies ship better software, faster. I can’t wait to share more of what’s coming as the year unfolds, including a deeper dive into how we’re helping the Global 2,000 navigate the cultural changes brought about by digital transformation.

The Armory Tribe believes that software is the highest-leverage way to improve humanity. And we are helping our customers innovate faster, through code – leverage on leverage.

Our deeply rooted belief is that the majority of enterprise value over the coming decades will be driven by a company’s ability to create software that provides customers with unique digital experiences. The most successful companies will thrive and re-cast the S&P 500 with digital expertise (half of existing S&P 500 companies are projected to fall off in the next decade – those will be the ones that are not digitally transforming and embracing DevOps).

Armory is here to power that revolution (it’s why I can’t wait to get to work every day) – and we’re just getting started.

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