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Thanks Google, for making Spinnaker easier to start on GCP!

Jul 24, 2019 by Jason McIntosh

One of the common threads I hear is that “Spinnaker is too complicated!” The reality is that Spinnaker is complex, not necessarily complicated.  However, understanding all the pieces and parts in order to get Spinnaker working can be nontrivial.  Google released a new automation tool to help users get started with Spinnaker on GCP. This tool helps you get started with Spinnaker faster when running on GCP vs. trying to map out all the Halyard commands to get Spinnaker working. We’re glad to see additional tooling to make Spinnaker easier to POC and show its value to organizations. Spinnaker is absolutely awesome for deploying to GCP resources, GCS, GKE, etc., but it’s just as fabulous for deploying to other infrastructure at AWS, Azure, and Oracle Cloud, as well as to private clouds.  

For users who want to take Spinnaker to the next level (and would like a partner in doing so) Armory is here to get you going!  We support deploying Spinnaker to Kubernetes, whether it’s in the cloud or on premises, and will work with you in your environment to make it a great experience.  Not only do we support OSS, but we also add a number of enterprise features (and are always working on more!).  Here’s a few things that we bring:

Hashicorp Vault – secrets are a huge concern and risk to organizations, and Hashicorp Vault is one of the main tools in the market to solve secrets management. Armory Spinnaker provides an out-of-the-box solution to hide secrets from Halyard, Clouddriver, and the base configuration, allowing you to store your Spinnaker configuration in version control and your secrets in Vault. This makes maintenance of your Spinnaker instance far more secure, and limits exposure of the secrets to the environment into which Spinnaker is deployed. You can now separate secrets from Spinnaker installations, reducing the risk of them getting exposed.

Hashicorp Terraform – one of the most well-known infrastructure-as-code automation tools. Armory adds a Terraformer stage allowing you to utilize Terraform in your pipelines without having to call external tools. Spinnaker pipelines can stand up or verify infrastructure and use the results of the Terraformer stage in later pipeline stages. This ensures infrastructure is available and properly created prior to deploying software to it, eliminating human error.  For a video of this in action, see our blog post!

Finally, though Spinnaker itself has great templating and tooling (and is constantly improving in this area), it doesn’t tell you how to deploy these templates. Armory has created Dinghy, which allows pipelines to be stored in source code, modularized and reused in other pipelines, allowing a better CI/CD workflow.  

When you want some of these features and support, we’ll help you migrate to Armory’s Spinnaker extensions. This upgrade is easy – keep your data store, and deploy Armory Halyard to replace the existing Halyard, and then do a deploy of Spinnaker using Armory Halyard.  Spinnaker is a great tool and is constantly advancing. Google has made it even easier to adopt with their automation around GCP. For teams that need to make it even more powerful, Armory has the expertise to help you. Please let us know how we can help you take your software delivery to the next level!

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