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Spinnaker Sub-Services: Clouddriver, Deck, Echo, Gate, Igor, Orca, Rosco, Armory Lighthouse

Spinnaker is a collection of sub-services that work together to form the Continuous Deployment platform. Each service follows the single-responsibility principle which allows for faster iteration on each individual component and a more pluggable architecture for custom components. However, this means that standing up the OSS version of Spinnaker as well as upgrading it can […]

First Spinnaker Meet-up: Accelerating Continuous Delivery with Netflix, Google and Lookout in AWS

Armory sponsored this year’s inaugural Bay Area Spinnaker Meetup on April 20 at Google’s Launchpad location in San Francisco for discussion of the current highs and lows regarding the future of Spinnaker, including how it is expected to help businesses adopt Continuous Delivery (CD) as Spinnaker matures. It included Spinnaker in a production use case […]

Spinnaker Feature – Management Flexibility: Cluster Management and Deployment Management

Spinnaker ships with two core features: cluster management and deployment management. These features are easily reviewed through Armory’s Lighthouse feature. Cluster Management – Managing your Clusters and regions can get out of hand as you scale – therefore Spinnaker strives to simplify it with an interactive and intuitive UI. Through this Spinnaker UI you can […]

Spinnaker Feature – Canary Deployments: Monitoring Test Deployments on a Small Percentage of Servers Before Scaling the Changes to the Rest

Canary Deployments: For monitoring test deployments on a small percentage of servers before scaling the changes to the rest. When would I use it? When testing a new batch of code or deployments that may or may not break your servers, it should be good practice for developers to push the code to a small […]

The Benefits of Multi-Cloud Deployments

Multi-Cloud: the practice of utilizing multiple cloud computing services to host your infrastructure. Why should I use this? The main purpose of multi-cloud deployments is to mitigate against disasters that were not in your control: if a service such as AWS or GCP becomes unresponsive or critically fails, your infrastructure and applications can redirect traffic […]

Spinnaker Feature – Blue/Green (AKA Red/Black) Deployments

Blue/Green Deployments: A deployment methodology that runs two production environments while keeping your live and testing environments separate. When would I use it? By having a live and test group of Blue/Green servers, your team can easily rollback workload and traffic from your newest servers to a previous version that you know is working. This […]

The Benefits of Immutable Infrastructure

Immutable Infrastructure: The practice of replacing your infrastructure with new instances each time you deploy new code to ensure mutated code does not carry forward. How does this benefit my company? Immutable infrastructure makes server maintenance as easy as installing fresh new copies of your servers into the cloud and deleting your old versions when […]