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Alibaba Cloud Builds New Clouddriver for Spinnaker

Adding to Spinnaker’s growing momentum, Alibaba recently built a clouddriver connecting Alibaba Cloud to Spinnaker (available in version 1.16). Here at Armory, we believe that one of the four truths that will define an enterprise’s ability to thrive in the coming decade is that the cloud infrastructure environment is becoming increasingly fragmented. Companies want the […]

Webinar Recap on Spinnaker’s History and Tips on Getting Started with the Platform with Pete Erickson of Modev, Ben Mappen of Armory and Dave Stenglein of Kenzan

In our recent webinar, Pete Erickson (Founder and CEO of Modev) was joined by Ben Mappen (Co-founder and CPO at Armory) and Dave Stenglein (SVP, Architecture, and Engineering at Kenzan) to give an introduction to Spinnaker, the open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform. From Spinnaker’s history to tips on getting started with the platform, this […]

Spinnaker: Single Pane of Glass for Software Delivery

Successful software delivery involves a combination of fast feedback from development through production, quick cycles that integrate production knowledge into the next release, and continuous improvements to the entire pipeline. Each focus area tracks different data. Lead times capture time from idea to production. Telemetry data like response latency, error counts, and MTTR inform the […]

Leverage Advanced Deployment Strategies to Change How You Ship Software

Traditionally, deploying changes to a company’s applications has been a difficult and scary affair, which has motivated companies to build monolithic apps that are updated as infrequently as possible, with each update being a complicated firedrill coordinated across many teams (and often done on Friday night, so teams can spend the weekend cleaning up the […]

Safer Kubernetes Deployments with Spinnaker: With Integrated Solutions for Problems Like Config Management and Service Discovery

Kubernetes has fundamentally changed how we view applications that run in the cloud. With integrated solutions for problems like Config Management and Service Discovery, Kubernetes provides a relatively holistic approach to running cloud-native applications. One common misconception about Kubernetes is that it’s a deployment tool, which is it not. Kubernetes is a portable container “cloud” […]

Kubernetes V1 & V2 – What’s the Difference?

Note: This content refers to Spinnaker’s legacy Kubernetes provider (V1), which is scheduled for deletion in Spinnaker 1.21. We recommend using the manifest-based provider (V2) instead. Chances are if you’ve been investigating or evaluating Spinnaker within the last few months you’ve seen a lot of talk about the Kubernetes V1 and V2 providers. Since the difference isn’t immediately […]

Deploy Helm Charts with Spinnaker

Spinnaker + Helm = ❤️ As the Kubernetes community has continued to explore CI/CD solutions for the space, some exciting patterns have emerged. Of these patterns, one of the most useful has been the templating Kubernetes manifests and using those templates to create consistent environments through the application lifecycle. There are many tools that aim […]

Spinnaker Load Balancer Stage Demo

Paul, an Armory engineer, demonstrates the load balancer stage. A transcript of the video is available below: DROdio: Okay we’re rolling. Paul: Alright I’m Paul I’m the engineer with Armory here and we’re going to demonstrate the re-enablement of a long lost function of Spinnaker which is your able to create the load balance as […]

Spinnaker & Armory Explained by Matt Miguel, VP of Engineering

Matt Miguel, VP of engineering, chats about how Armory came about and what they are trying to accomplish. A Transcript of the video is available below: Hi my name is Matthew Miguel a VP of engineering and talent here at Armory, I am here to chat a little bit about why Armory exist and what […]

Announcing RPM Packager Support for Spinnaker

Armory is pleased to announce RPM support for our enterprise package of Armory Spinnaker. Here is a podcast with Isaac Mosquera, CTO of Armory describing how to utilize RPM with Armory Spinnaker: The information is consolidated in a Q&A format below: Is it only supported in Armory Spinnaker or Spinnaker in general? This is only […]