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Don’t Become a Chief Obstacle Officer: Technical & Cultural Reasons to Consider Spinnaker for Your Organization

As technology acceleration forces companies to release software faster, and with teams and technology increasingly distributed, it’s never been more important to assess how you are approaching your engineering and dev ops environments and tools. This is especially true considering that companies that ‘get it right’, outperform their peers by a factor of 2. In […]

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A Scripting Nightmare That You Can’t Wake Up From: How to Develop a Stable Home-Grown CI/CD Platform

Developing a stable home-grown CI/CD platform can cost a lot of engineering effort, and the benefits for business and products are not always clear. In this article, we explore how engineering effort is wasted developing home-grown CI/CD solutions with disjointed tooling and ad-hoc scripting (glue code), or even building tools with a feature set similar […]

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