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How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

You want to stay ahead of competitors, right? From an IT perspective, the goal should be to use technology and software to support business initiatives, react to opportunities and generate more revenue—and stay at least a step ahead of your competitors. Staying ahead of the curve means moving as fast as possible and spending the […]

Here’s How Armory Can Help You: The Best and Worst Software Delivery Practices

Do You Have Any of These Challenges? You’re containerizing your workloads and need to migrate from VMs to container deployment targets without impacting application developer velocity. You’re not deploying as frequently as you want to be. Deployments are unpredictable fire drills, with outages that break customer trust. Business units or teams need to deploy to […]

Making Teams and DevOps Work, Atlassian’s Playbook: Our No BS Guide to Unleashing your Team’s Potential

In making the switch to a distributed technology of microservices, continuous integration and continuous delivery, one of the unexpected changes for most companies is how their company structure needs to change to mirror their new distributed stack. The move to DevOps requires functioning cross-functional teams. Teamwork is a common buzzword but is not so easy […]

Review by TheNewStack’s eBook titled CI/CD with Kubernetes on Continuous Delivery of Spinnaker

TheNewStack has written an ebook titled CI/CD with Kubernetes, which contains an entire section on Continuous Delivery with Spinnaker. If you’d like to learn more about how Spinnaker works with Kubernetes, this is a good place to start. Download the entire ebook here. For a more in-depth read on Spinnaker, we recommend this O’Reilly ebook […]

How Progressive Engineering Leaders are Innovating Faster

So you’re thinking about moving to the cloud, and containers, or perhaps you’re already on the path to move from monolith to microservices, or to migrate from VMs to containers. Congratulations, and welcome to the future. This change is more than just changing platforms. Moving from waterfall or even agile to the complicated world of […]

Netflix and Google Teams Written O’Reilly Book which discuss using Spinnaker for Continuous Delivery

The Netflix and Google teams have written a fantastic book on using Spinnaker for Continuous Delivery. It’s an excellent (and quick) read, and a great book to share with engineering teams, leaders, and even executives that want to better understand how to leverage the power of software within their businesses. Read Netflix’s blog post about […]

The Now and Future State of Software Delivery

With the explosion of microservices and distributed systems to manage software where continuous integration/continuous delivery is critical, new processes are required, and nowhere does that show up as clearly as in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). It’s been a wide open playing field with no consensus on standard approaches to the proliferation of containers, microservices, […]

What’s the Difference with Closed vs. Open-Source Software Delivery Platforms?

The Rise of Open Adoption Software Open adoption software is re-drawing the IT Stack. Companies like Github, Docker, Mulesoft, Cloudera, and others are stealing budgets from more traditional application/client-server companies while driving more innovation. The above graphic illustrates the trend over the past few decades. The same is true in the software delivery world. Spinnaker, […]

Keeping Developers Happy and Productive

A common saying is that “People leave managers not companies.” While 50% say that’s true; this post isn’t about that. It’s about keeping the other 50% happy and productive. We’ve reached a point in the software industry where money is no longer the driving factor in why engineers decide to work and stay employed at […]

Calculate the hard cost of your un-merged pull requests

Finding Velocity is our blog series for executives where we share strategies to deliver software to users faster and more confidently (and why creating this deep competency in software matters strategically).   We were just onsite with Kieran Lal, Senior Director of API Design products at Mulesoft. He said to us: What a great way […]