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Keeping Developers Happy and Productive

A common saying is that “People leave managers not companies.” While 50% say that’s true; this post isn’t about that. It’s about keeping the other 50% happy and productive. We’ve reached a point in the software industry where money is no longer the driving factor in why engineers decide to work and stay employed at […]

The Future of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Jack (product designer) and Alex (VP of Product) demonstrate the future of the software development lifecycle. A Transcript of the video is available below DROdio: Hi guys its DROdio with Armory and I am here with Alex out VP product and I am here with Jack our product designer, they’ve got something pretty cool to […]

Spinnaker Load Balancer Stage Demo

Paul, an Armory engineer, demonstrates the load balancer stage. A transcript of the video is available below: DROdio: Okay we’re rolling. Paul: Alright I’m Paul I’m the engineer with Armory here and we’re going to demonstrate the re-enablement of a long lost function of Spinnaker which is your able to create the load balance as […]

Spinnaker Training Series #2: Spinnaker Concepts

Ethan Rogers, resident Spinnaker expert, explains how to use Spinnaker platform concepts to manage and deploy applications. A Transcript of the video is available below: Ethan: Hey guys I am Ethan, your Spinnaker expert. Thanks for joining us for another instalment of our Spinnaker training series where we teach you how to be effective and […]

Spinnaker & Armory Explained by Matt Miguel, VP of Engineering

Matt Miguel, VP of engineering, chats about how Armory came about and what they are trying to accomplish. A Transcript of the video is available below: Hi my name is Matthew Miguel a VP of engineering and talent here at Armory, I am here to chat a little bit about why Armory exist and what […]

Skuid User Demo: Deploying to Kubernetes with Spinnaker

In an interview and demo, Ethan Rogers, a Technical Operations engineer from Skuid, shows us how Skuid uses Spinnaker to deploy to their Kubernetes clusters. Skuid is a cloud UX platform and deploys their application on Kubernetes, and has found value in using Spinnaker to save time on manual steps and scripting. Ethan demonstrates a […]

Managing Kubernetes with Spinnaker at scale

Armory customers often want to better understand the relationship between Kubernetes and Spinnaker. Note: This content refers to Spinnaker’s legacy Kubernetes provider (V1), which is scheduled for deletion in Spinnaker 1.21. We recommend using the manifest-based provider (V2) instead. This is what we typically see happen at large companies: A company has 99% AMI-based deployments or mutable deployments in […]

Why Organizations Need to Standardize Deployments

Standardization is a tool for efficiency: standard formats, dates, language, and metrics. Scientists agreed to use the metric system because it facilitates easy understanding of numbers and measurements across the globe. Organizations and companies should, with few exceptions, make standardization a best practice: whether it is files, mind-sets, or the tools they use. This brings […]

Software: Those Who Deliver – And Those Who Do Not

All users have one question in mind: Can you deliver? In the unpackaged form it comprises these inherent questions: Is what you’re delivering the best I can get? Is what you’re delivering the fastest I can get it? Is what you’re delivering a better version of what I got last? Your business’s answer to the […]

Spinnaker Feature – Canary Deployments: Monitoring Test Deployments on a Small Percentage of Servers Before Scaling the Changes to the Rest

Canary Deployments: For monitoring test deployments on a small percentage of servers before scaling the changes to the rest. When would I use it? When testing a new batch of code or deployments that may or may not break your servers, it should be good practice for developers to push the code to a small […]