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9 Days & Counting: Who’s Coming To Spinnaker Summit 2019?

The 3rd annual Spinnaker Summit 2019 is coming up in just 9 short days, November 15-17. As an Armory n8b and the new Open Source Evangelist for Spinnaker, I can hardly wait!! For some, this exciting San Diego event will make a perfect continuous-delivery prelude to KubeCon, the cloud-native mega-conference featuring Kubernetes and other CNCF-ecosystem […]

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Armory Joins Continuous Delivery Foundation as Founding Member

Spinnaker is rapidly being chosen by enterprises as the open-source software delivery platform used to modernize their application deployments. Today marks a monumental day in the continued growth and adoption of Spinnaker. The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced the formation of a new foundation for the diverse […]

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Webinar Recap on Spinnaker’s History and Tips on Getting Started with the Platform with Pete Erickson of Modev, Ben Mappen of Armory and Dave Stenglein of Kenzan

In our recent webinar, Pete Erickson (Founder and CEO of Modev) was joined by Ben Mappen (Co-founder and CPO at Armory) and Dave Stenglein (SVP, Architecture, and Engineering at Kenzan) to give an introduction to Spinnaker, the open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform. From Spinnaker’s history to tips on getting started with the platform, this […]

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Continuous Delivery is the Key to Getting the Most out of Microservices, Containers and the Cloud

Continuous Delivery is key to the “better” and “faster” elements in Armory’s Manifesto to help software teams “Build Better Software, Faster.” The goal of continuous delivery is to cut down the lead time betweeen “idea” to “feature in production” from weeks (or months!) to days, hours, or even minutes. According to Jez Humble, who wrote […]

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How Progressive Engineering Leaders are Innovating Faster

So you’re thinking about moving to the cloud, and containers, or perhaps you’re already on the path to move from monolith to microservices, or to migrate from VMs to containers. Congratulations, and welcome to the future. This change is more than just changing platforms. Moving from waterfall or even agile to the complicated world of […]

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Safer Kubernetes Deployments with Spinnaker: With Integrated Solutions for Problems Like Config Management and Service Discovery

Kubernetes has fundamentally changed how we view applications that run in the cloud. With integrated solutions for problems like Config Management and Service Discovery, Kubernetes provides a relatively holistic approach to running cloud-native applications. One common misconception about Kubernetes is that it’s a deployment tool, which is it not. Kubernetes is a portable container “cloud” […]

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Continuous Delivery & Microservices, Part 2

Here at Armory, we believe that obtaining the value of microservices is a critical component of continuous delivery. A lot of companies are moving from monolith to microservices architecture, but they often end up duplicating effort in their systems which is an inefficient use of resources and leaves the promise of microservices, unfulfilled. The value […]

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Life Before & After Spinnaker

Sometimes a new technology comes along that changes a person’s life in such a drastic way that it’s hard to imagine life without it once you’ve experienced it. All of us who remember life before cell phones can probably relate. How did we ever get in contact with anyone? How did we get anywhere? Spinnaker […]

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How Spinnaker Fits into the Continuous Delivery Puzzle

When a new tool appears in the IT landscape, users have the natural tendency to compare the tool to existing solutions. This is an understandable reaction because we tend to build on existing knowledge and then “fit” new tools into what we already know. Comparing new and old concepts is great for elevator pitches. Product […]

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Spinnaker Training Series #8: Rollbacks

Ethan Rogers, our resident Spinnaker expert, explains how to use Rollbacks. A Transcript of the video is available below: What’s up guys Ethan here, your Spinnaker expert, thanks for joining us for another installment of our Spinnaker training series. Today we are going to be talking about what I consider to be one of the […]

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