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Spinnaker over Jenkins X for Enterprise

It is not uncommon for Jenkins and Spinnaker to be mentioned in the same conversation. Spinnaker and the new Jenkins X both target DevOps and continuous delivery/deployment with notable differences in their target use cases. This post will help you choose the best fit for your organization by identifying the use cases for each. This […]

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What’s the Difference with Closed vs. Open-Source Software Delivery Platforms?

The Rise of Open Adoption Software Open adoption software is re-drawing the IT Stack. Companies like Github, Docker, Mulesoft, Cloudera, and others are stealing budgets from more traditional application/client-server companies while driving more innovation. The above graphic illustrates the trend over the past few decades. The same is true in the software delivery world. Spinnaker, […]

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Comparing Terraform and Spinnaker

Update: We’ve built a powerful new integration between Spinnaker and Terraform. Check it out here! Much like our GoCD & Spinnaker article, we interviewed two engineers for their objective viewpoints on two popular tools in the DevOps world. We hope to help the reader understand the differences that exist between Terraform and Spinnaker, and the […]

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Evaluating GoCD vs Spinnaker

“So how do GoCD and Spinnaker compare?” is a question we’re sometimes asked by companies evaluating deployment tools. While it’s a comparison of apples to oranges (a more apt comparison would probably be between GoCD vs Jenkins), we felt that it was important enough to address what each tool provides. To be unbiased in our […]

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Similarities and Differences of Rancher and Spinnaker

We recently spoke with a company that is evaluating Rancher and wanted to know how it compares to Spinnaker. Here’s how we think the two products compare: Rancher is not a CD tool. Rancher appears to be a container management system built on top of Docker similar in nature to Heroku. While you might find […]

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