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Webinar: Automated Canary Analysis with Spinnaker

Canary deployments are a modern, highly-scalable and cost-effective way to help companies roll out software with both velocity and safety. In this webinar we will walk through the fundamentals of canary deployments, the benefits it can bring to your organization, and the best practices and key learnings from using canaries in production. We will also […]

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Waze Success is due to Spinnaker said Tom Feiner, Infrastructure Team Lead at Google: Spinnaker is the Secret Sauce behind our Multi-Cloud Production System

Calling Spinnaker, “the secret sauce behind our multi-cloud production system,” Tom Feiner, Infrastructure Team Lead at Google, told the story at Google Next 2018 of how Waze came to use Spinnaker and what it does for them. “[Spinnaker is] a sweet spot between just the amount of abstraction on top of each technology, but it’s […]

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Leverage Advanced Deployment Strategies to Change How You Ship Software

Traditionally, deploying changes to a company’s applications has been a difficult and scary affair, which has motivated companies to build monolithic apps that are updated as infrequently as possible, with each update being a complicated firedrill coordinated across many teams (and often done on Friday night, so teams can spend the weekend cleaning up the […]

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Armory Spinnaker Features & Demo

The founders of Armory give a demo of Amory Spinnaker and explains how this company can help you accelerate your business. Transcription of the video is available below: DROdio: Hi I am DROdio the CEO of Armory, in this video will show you features and do a demo of Armory Spinnaker, we’re not going to […]

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