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Armory Introduces Spinnaker Policy Engine to Enable Developer Guardrails Across the SDLC

Note: This news was announced here as a press release on 11/12/2019. Armory’s newly released Open Policy Agent (OPA)-based Policy Engine for SDLC gives enterprises fine-grained control of the software delivery process by providing the hooks necessary to perform extensive verification of pipelines, processes, and policies in Spinnaker. The new Policy Engine for SDLC unleashes […]

Spinnaker Load Balancer Stage Demo

Paul, an Armory engineer, demonstrates the load balancer stage. A transcript of the video is available below: DROdio: Okay we’re rolling. Paul: Alright I’m Paul I’m the engineer with Armory here and we’re going to demonstrate the re-enablement of a long lost function of Spinnaker which is your able to create the load balance as […]

Armory Spinnaker Features & Demo

The founders of Armory give a demo of Amory Spinnaker and explains how this company can help you accelerate your business. Transcription of the video is available below: DROdio: Hi I am DROdio the CEO of Armory, in this video will show you features and do a demo of Armory Spinnaker, we’re not going to […]