Streamline Advanced Kubernetes Deployments from GitHub Actions with New Armory Service hero graphic

Streamline Advanced Kubernetes Deployments from GitHub Actions with New Armory Service

Sep 23, 2022 by Stephen Atwell

Today, Armory is excited to announce the availability of the GitHub Action for Armory Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service. GitHub is where developers shape the future of software. After a developer writes and tests their code in GitHub, it must be deployed. Armory’s GitHub Action for Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service extends the best-in-class deployment capabilities to Kubernetes.

CD-as-a-Service enables declarative continuous deployment, with a GitOps experience, and advanced deployment strategies to mitigate the risk of frequent deployments to production.

By orchestrating and automating deployment across all environments, CD-as-a-Service removes demands on developers and reduces the risk of service disruptions due to change failures. CD-as-a-Service requires no migration; it seamlessly plugs into your existing GitHub SDLC.

This minimizes risks by providing deployment flexibility and limiting the number of users that are exposed to potential bad changes, leading to a better customer experience. Let your developers focus on building great code, not deploying it. 

Deploying your application with this GitHub Action is easy, just sign up for CD-as-a-Service, and connect your cluster. Then define how your application should deploy (e.g. a canary or blue/green strategy), and add it to your GitHub Actions workflow.

Once you are deploying, you can also leverage Armory webhooks to orchestrate GitHub Actions based integration tests in your staging environments after they deploy.

Want to know more? Try it out by signing up for free, review our marketplace listing or watch a demo.

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