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Release Roundup – January 2023

Jan 11, 2023 by Anna Daugherty

Get the latest product news on Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service and the most recent release for Continuous Deployment Self Hosted, 2.28.2.

Welcome to 2023! 

Just like every organization, Armory is looking for ways to improve our practices and deliver more value (and faster!) to you, our customers. That’s why our engineering team is working to deliver features, fixes, enhancements, and updates to Armory products more frequently.

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Here are all of the new and exciting things that have recently been shipped.

Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service

The Armory crew has been hard at work to improve Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service throughout December and into January. In addition to new ways to learn the platform, we’ve released several enhancements and quality of life improvements. 

New Training – Enable Continuous Deployment with CD-as-a-Service

Learn continuous deployment best practices with our new Wilco Quest. Wilco is known as the “flight simulator” for software developers and enables developers to acquire and practice skills on-demand in a production-like environment. Try out our new Quest to Enable Continuous Deployment with CD-as-a-Service or learn more in this blog post.

Support for Role Based Access Controls

CD-as-a-Service now allows you to restrict user access with custom roles.

  • Reserve Manual Approvals to Specific Roles – Restrict which roles can issue manual approvals during the course of deployment. Ensure that only authorized people are promoting changes to Production and application owners are interacting with their own applications. Users without the required role will have the approval functionality disabled and will see a message on which roles can issue approvals. Learn more in our CD-as-a-Service (release notes).
  • Create Multiple Tenants – Create multiple tenants to restrict who can view and deploy which applications to which Kubernetes clusters by tenant. (release notes)
  • Create Custom Roles – Specify which tenant a role can access, and specify the access level for that tenant. (release notes)

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Github Action Now Outputs Deployment ID and Deployment URL – You can now fetch the Deployment ID and the Deployment URL as outputs from the deployment step of your GitHub Action. You can use these outputs to further simplify your deployment process. Learn more in these release notes.
  • UI Improvements for Approvals and Environment Details – Issue manual approvals from the Environment graph page without having to dive into the environment. Access the detailed environment view in a single click. Easily reach environment details to dive into details and issue approvals. Learn more in the CD-as-a-Service release notes.
  • Invoke Webhooks without a callback – You can now use webhooks asynchronously during deployment. Previously webhooks required a callback to continue or rollback, which is not ideal for use cases like event streaming or notifications. Learn more in the CD-as-a-Service release notes.

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Continuous Deployment Self Hosted – Release 2.28.2

In addition to a ton of quality of life improvements and bug fixes, we’ve released new enhancements to Pipelines as Code, BitBucket PR handling, and error logs. We released three early access features behind a feature flag. If you would like to enable these early access features to test in your environment, contact your Technical Account Manager by opening a ticket:

New Pipelines as Code Multi-Branch Enhancement – Early Access

Now you can configure Pipelines as Code to pull Dinghyfiles from multiple branches on the same repo. Cut out the tedious task of managing multiple repos; have a single repo for Spinnaker application pipelines.

Enhanced BitBucket Server Pull Request Handling – Early Access

Trigger Spinnaker pipelines natively when pull requests are opened in BitBucket with newly added events including PR opened, deleted, and declined. Learn more about this BitBucket enhancement and how to enable it in Spinnaker in the full 2.28.2 Release Notes.

Terraform Template Fix – Early Access

We’ve done some work to fix an issue with SpEL expression failures appearing while using Terraformer to serialize data from a Terraform Plan execution. With this feature flag fix enabled, you will be able to use the Terraform template file provider. Please open a support ticket if you need this fix. 

Improved Error Log UI

The error log messages received in the UI are now human readable and more user friendly. In place of computer data, logs are now converted into user friendly messages.

Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Improvements

  • Fixed an issue in default applications where set permissions become inaccessible. Now permissions set on discovered apps work as expected.
  • Fixed a Terraformer time-out failure when diagnostics logging is enabled and the endpoint is down or has an expired certificate

Learn more about all of the latest bug fixes and quality of life improvements in our full CDSH 2.28.2 Release Notes.

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