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Release Roundup – April 2023

Apr 27, 2023 by Anna Daugherty

This month, we have continued to improve the UI and sign-up experience across our product set. Stay in the loop on the latest releases, keep up with our various products, as well as have the option to receive the top continuous deployment news delivered right to your inbox. 

Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service

Expose Services via Webhook in Ephemeral Kubernetes Environments

Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service enables developers to easily connect to any Kubernetes service it deploys, without additional network configuration. This is especially useful when deploying to ephemeral Kubernetes environments, such as those created for a specific PR, since network configuration can be difficult to navigate and environment specific. 

Redeploy Old Version

Easily redeploy an old version by clicking the ‘Redeploy This Version’ button, and choosing which environments you want to redeploy to. This can be used for rolling back days or weeks after a version has been fully deployed to production. Important note: this option will not be available for older deployments previous to the release in April 2023, but is available for all future deployments.

Easily View Configuration 

View the configuration of a deployment in the pipeline for easier reference. This is useful for helping new users see how existing deployments are configured. This option will not be available for older deployments, but is for all future deployments.

Onboarding Improvements

Access our documentation and demo easily from the setup wizard. The sample app now showcases the Blue/Green deployment strategy, illustrating how CD-as-a-Service can meet environment-specific requirements for deployment. This helps in understanding how to implement effective deployment strategies. 

Test out the new features and more by signing up for CD-as-a-Service (for free!) right now. 

Continuous Deployment Self-Hosted / Managed

CDSH/M 2.27.8 Now Available!

In addition to UI changes and fixes, there are notable breaking changes and issues. Learn more in the 2.27.8 Release Notes:

New Kubernetes Infrastructure UI

Starting in 2.26, the UI has been updated to more closely follow immutable infrastructure principles to increase stability and security. When you navigate to the Infrastructure tab in the UI for an application that has the Kubernetes provider configured, actions that change the Kubernetes infrastructure are no longer available. Users do not see these actions in the UI by default. You must configure the UI to display these actions if you want your users to be able to perform them through the UI.

Alpine Updates

Now available: Alpine updates for Deck, Dinghy, and Terraformer in Continuous Deployment Self-Hosted and Managed. 

Be on the Lookout for Continuous Deployment Self-Hosted v2.30!

The next LTS release for CDSH is coming soon. We’ll share the full list of enhancements, new features, and fixes when it drops. In the meantime, connect with your Customer Support Manager to stay up-to-date on the latest releases. 

Read previous Release Roundups for more information on our latest releases, enhancements, and new features!

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