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Welcome to the Tribe, Andrew!

Andrew is Employee #1 at Armory, a senior engineer. His first day was yesterday. Welcome! Here’s an intro from our entire tribe.

Why CEOs Should Care About Software Deployments

Software deployments have historically been seen as a technical activity that “the engineers will handle” but as software permeates everything around us, your software (and its deployments) directly impact your relationship with your customers in growing ways. In April 2015, a major airline made a bad deployment to iPads that contained airport terminal maps, resulting […]

More Disruption Coming from Software-First Responsive Organizations

One of the foundational changes affecting Global 2000 enterprises is the shift from “Businesses solving technology problems” to “Technology solving business problems,” meaning that software has become a deep competitive advantage for a new generation of responsive organizations, enabling them to play by entirely different rules and disrupting entire industries. In the old model, a […]

DROdio’s CEO Manifesto

These are the commitments I make to every new hire that joins our crew [1]. Want To Join Us?We recently raised a $40M Series C, and we’re hiring for many positions. Get a peek behind the curtain of life at Armory. As CEO of Armory, I have four top priorities: 1) Craft and communicate why […]

How and Why Netflix Uses Spinnaker To Create Competitive Advantages And Win In The Marketplace

Last night, Armory sponsored an Advanced AWS meetup focused on Spinnaker, which included: Andy Glover, Delivery Engineering Manager, Netflix, sharing how, and why, Netflix uses Spinnaker to create competitive advantages and win in the marketplace, as well as a peek into its roadmap Diana Tkachenko, Data Platform Engineer at Stitch Fix, sharing how she is […]

A More Sophisticated Deployment to Kubernetes Using Spinnaker

Our CTO Isaac just put together a nice sample Spinnaker deployment pipeline using Kubernetes, which features: Triggering/kicking-off a pipeline off an automated push from another build process like jenkins Parallel QA and integration tests A smoke test Parallel deployment to Prod US East, West & Asia This pipeline showcases the power of using Spinnaker + […]

Transcript: EXO Cloud Summit

This is a transcript of this video: Daniel: Okay, guys. This is Daniel, and I’m here with Pete Erickson. Pete is the creator of these EXO conferences, and we’re actually in beautiful Aspen, Colorado right now. We’re at a software engineering leadership conference, which we’re going to talk about. But you’re doing another conference soon, […]

Best Practices For Spinnaker: How to Handle Sensitive Data and Services For Their Customers

In talking to over 80+ organizations at, We’ve found that security is top concern for enterprises big and small. Many companies handle sensitive data and services for their customers so it’s critical that they’re able to secure their code and infrastructure for their customers. We’ve taken the feedback from our 80+ discussions and incorporated […]

Google Making a Bet on Spinnaker and Ensuring Its Success

I interviewed Steven Kim, TPM at Google, at a recent EXO Cloud Conference, on why Google is making a bet on Spinnaker and putting resources into ensuring its success. Google has been investing in Spinnaker for several years and has a team focused on it. A great example of Google’s commitment to Spinnaker can be […]

First Time In Action Spinnaker Demo

Armory recently sponsored the EXO Cloud Summit, where we gave Amar Zumkhawala a hello world demo of Spinnaker. If you’ve heard of Spinnaker but never seen it in action, this is a great opportunity to see it for the first time: Here’s the Transcript: DROdio: Okay, so this is Daniel, Isaac, and Amar. Did I […]