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FAQ: Armory Primer

Before you begin: Read our Stages of Software Delivery Evolution Infographic to understand which stage your company currently falls into.   What is Spinnaker? Spinnaker can be seen as a cloud-first approach to software deployments. Many companies may be using older technologies like Chef or Puppet, which were effective in the mutable world inside your […]

The Benefits of Immutable Infrastructure

Immutable Infrastructure: The practice of replacing your infrastructure with new instances each time you deploy new code to ensure mutated code does not carry forward. How does this benefit my company? Immutable infrastructure makes server maintenance as easy as installing fresh new copies of your servers into the cloud and deleting your old versions when […]

Move to the Cloud. There’s no time to waste.

Eric Schmidt, at Google’s Next conference keynote, talked about how businesses urgently must move to the Cloud to stay competitive. He said: “I’ll bet the rest of my business career that the future of your business is big data and machine learning, applied to the business opportunities, customer challenges and things before you.” – Eric […]

Spinnaker Enables Multi-Cloud Deployments for Waze, and Saved 1,000 People

Nir Tarcic, Site Reliability Engineer at Waze, gave a fantastic talk at Google Next titled "Waze: migrating a multi million user app to Google Cloud Platform." Nir shared how Spinnaker has been key to enabling Waze to do multi-cloud deployments between AWS and GCP using GCP’s Interconnect functionality. Nir talked about how Spinnaker helps Waze […]

Best Practices for Continuous Delivery on GCP: A Deep Dive on how Google Leverages Spinnaker

I just got back from Steven Kim and Tom Feiner’s talk, “Best practices for Continuous Delivery on Google Cloud Platform“. What an incredible deep dive into Spinnaker. This is the single best talk I’ve seen to describe the pain points Spinnaker is solving, told from Tom’s perspective as a Systems Operations Engineer at Waze, and […]

Armory: Now, and What’s Next

Now: Armory’s Focus & Priorities It’s still early days for both Spinnaker and Armory. After speaking in-depth to developers and engineering leaders at over 137 Global 2,000 enterprises, we found a consistent desire to use Spinnaker, but a wariness around supporting and operating it. During one of these surveys, a prominent Fortune 100 company told […]

Announcing Funding by YCombinator, Javelin, Harrison Metal & others

We’re happy to announce that Armory is being funded by YCombinator, Javelin Venture Partners, Harrison Metal, Eric Ries (author of ‘The Lean Startup’), Transmedia Capital, XYZvc, Liquid2 (Joe Montana’s fund), Tikhon Bernstam, Ross Fubini, and a number of other angels. These investors have backed Armory because they believe in our long-term vision to advance the […]

AWS S3 Outage and Spinnaker Multi-Region Support

We are reminded again today (Feb 28, 2017) about the fragility of the Internet. S3 is still down in us-east-1 and currently affecting pretty much every known business running on AWS and effectively shutting down the internet. I’m quite astonished at how a single service outage can bring popular other services like Slack, Dockerhub and […]

Continuous Delivery to Clouds & Kubernetes with Spinnaker and Helm

Armory sponsored the Continuous Delivery to Clouds & Kubernetes with Spinnaker and Helm at Bitnami HQ earlier this week. Matt Duftler and Lars Wander, software engineers at Google, each gave presentations. Here’s the video and the slides are below. Note: Some of this content refers to Spinnaker’s legacy Kubernetes provider (V1), which is scheduled for deletion in […]

Out-of-the-Box Rollbacks With Spinnaker

What Spinnaker Considers a Version One of the great features from Spinnaker is the ability to have consistent & dependable rollbacks to previous version of your service. This is distinct from your application which Spinnaker consider as one component of the service. While it’s true that the main driver for change in your service will […]